Outgrown Peanut Allergy???


Has anyone's peanut allergic child outgrown the allergy? At 22 months, my son had an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts and every year we have the skin test done to see if he still is allergic. He's 5 1/2 now and this year, the allergist wanted to do the blood test to see what the allergic level is and the result came back zero - he's apparently outgrown it. He wants to do a challenge in his office and of course I'm petrified. Has anyone else had this happen? Could the test give a false negative result? Is it possible to re-acquire the allergy if he's outgrown it? (the last 2 questions I plan to ask the allergist at the visit)

On Aug 11, 2006

Yes, it happens.

(You would be in VERY rare company, though, since your child had an anaphylactic rxn... most of those kids never do outgrow.)

One bit of advice for you, though-- I would NEVER consent to a challenge on the basis of a RAST value alone. I would insist on a SPT before any challenge.

(But that's me.... it is also possible for skin tests to remain positive for a few years after the allergy has been actually been outgrown.)

This is [i]very[/i] exciting, isn't it? I know I would be just [i]giddy[/i] to even think about it!


On Aug 11, 2006

My son had a negative RAST and I was pretty happy about it. We had the skin test before talking about a challenge and he was clearly allergic according to that. Good luck and I hope your child outgrows it.

On Aug 11, 2006

I hope the rast test is correct. I had a similar situation where ds's rast came out just a touch over zero. Dr. was so optimistic that he'd outgrown as we had one ana reaction and that's it. I literally cried my heart out with relief that I might not and DS might not have to live with the allergy any more. We did SPT and it totally contradicted what the RAST says. So, dr said to continue as if he is still highly allergic and we'll re test at a later date. I would not do a challenge until the SPT is performed! I;ll keep my fingers crossed and say a prayer!!!

On Aug 11, 2006

We are taking dd on Tuesday for a SPT. Her latest RAST came back negative. She is 4. If the SPT is negative, we will challenge the same day. If it's positive, we are going to contact Dr. Burks at Duke to discuss further options. We may challenge her there.

It depends upon what her skin test result is. Her original SPT was 5mm. She tested positive for egg at 6mm. We did a RAST for egg, which was below 2, then challenged and she passed. She had been eating eggs for about 6 months before the test with no problems.

The reason I am willing to move forward with Dr. Burks if necessary is because I have read that some people continue to skin test positive for years, possibly even for their whole lives. There are also recent studies stating that kids who outgrow PA need to eat peanut products regularly or else they have a higher chance of regaining the allergy.

Knowing those two things, I am thinking that if she is no longer allergic, but still skin testing positive, we may do more harm than good by not reintroducing peanut. What if she has outgrown it, but doesn't get the exposure and redevelops it?

After talking with Melissa, whose son is in the study at Duke, I would feel extremely comfortable letting them challenge her there. Also, her reaction to peanut was a few hives above her lip that quickly went away without any treatment (wasn't sure it was a reaction at the time but suspected). Of course I know that past reactions are not an indicator of future reactions but as I understand it the kids with the best odds of outgrowing are those who haven't had serious reactions before.

I am extremely cautious and have a very tight comfort zone and she hasn't had any further reactions in the two years since we found out. We have requested another egg skin test on Tuesday just out of curiousity. I'm wondering if she'll still show positive after all this time. If the egg is negative and the peanut is positive I will be inclined to think she is still allergic to peanut and may forego further tests until she turns 5. Then we'd repeat the RAST and see what happens.