Outgrown egg... flu shot now?

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If my son has outgrown his egg allergy can he now have a flu shot? My daughter like clockwork get us all sick with the flu from school every March. It was so bad one year I had to be hospitalized. I caught a different strain of the flu and a stomach bug at the same time b/c I took them to the Dr so much. I was the first report of a different strain that the health dpt wanted to know if I had traveled anywhere? My son doesn't get more than a 99 fever even after he test positive with the nose swab. Should he get one even though he doesn't get the flu? Can he get it?

On Jan 31, 2007

I might be the minority here, but 3 of my 4 kids are allergic to eggs and every year they get the flu shot. We arrange it in the office and we stick around after(just to be safe) but we've done it for 7 years now.....good luck. My kids also have asthma, so getting the flu shot(and being protected) out-weighed the risk of of not getting it and possibly neding up in the hospital. My allergist and Ped were okay with the decision. Good luck if you do. Chanda

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On Jan 31, 2007

Hi, we're in the same boat, DS has outgrown his egg allergy, but I'm still hesitant to get him his flu shot. He never seems to get the flu anyway, so that's a bonus.

The rest of us get one every year so that should help protect him from us at least.

Does your DD get flu shots, sounds to me like she is the one that needs it LOL.

Let us know what you decide and how it goes, I will be checking this thread regularly.

On Jan 31, 2007

My dd outgrew her egg allergy when school started this last year, I think it was in September when she had her egg challenge. The allergist told us she should definately get the flu shot now, so we did and she did great with it, no problems whatsoever. Good luck Tamie

On Jan 31, 2007

It's a later-than-usual flu season so I hear the recommendation is for people not yet vaccinated to get the shot.