Outgrown Allergy?!?


My daughter is now 5 1/2. At age one she tested + for PA and we did the avoidance thing and carried the Epipen. Never had an accidental injestion so we considered ourselves lucky.

We just went back to the Doc's office and the scratch test was neg. and the blood test came back negative too.

Now the last thing to do is a food challenge at the Allergists office. Good luck getting my picky eating child who has spent her whole life avoiding peanuts to chomp some down. She refuses.

So I am wondering ehat to do. Put away the Epipen and stop looking at the ingredient labels? I will call the Dr's office tomorrow to see what course of action to take.

If we can live without the pen and not in constant terror that a cookie will kill her, that is fine with me. I don't think she will ever want to eat peanuts after what we told her would happen.

Anyone out there have a child who turned to PA negative??

On Jan 11, 2004

A food challenge can be very dangerous. It should be done in a hospital, not in a doctor's office. I wonder why your allergist wants to do it outside of a hospital.

Also, a good food challenge will include placebos--for example, pudding with peanut butter in it, some other pudding without pb in it. If a child who has been avoiding pb her whole life is forced to eat some, you can get a panic reaction that might seem like an allergic reaction. The child shouldn't know she's eating peanut butter.

Good luck! I hope your daughter has outgrown the allergy.