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out growing peanut allergy???

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My son who 11 was tested for allergys in 2005 that came back peanut and soy positive. Last week we meet a new doctor who retested him and the test came back allergy free??? my first doctor said he would have this allergys the rest of his life? iam so confussed!!! we have keep him on a peanut free diet and very low trace of soy because seems like everything has soy you buy anymore. his reaction is trouble breathing . on the soy part its been a hard for example if he eats more then 2 oreo cookies(lots of soy) a reaction. off brands are not so bad (less soy) ok i hope i have not confussed everyone too much.just got the test a few hours ago so iam still a little anxiety about the new test .

By mommasteph on Sep 13, 2011

yes they did a blood test that came out negative. i called my family doctor and asked her what i should do she told me to listen to my allergist and his test?? what is the challenge test? thank you for replying back to me

By Busymomof3 on Sep 12, 2011

Did you get a blood test done? If the new tests were negative then the doctor should follow up with second and third testings. Perhaps a food challenge test? I would even go so far as to get a second opinion of a different allergist. Even if it is in a nearby city. You don't want to take chances! Good luck!!

By cervonil on Sep 13, 2011

some places will do a food challenge, where they eat the food IN the Dr's office in case of a reaction. I would find an allergist willing to do that before letting him eat peanut at home.

BTW, congratulations if he passes that!!!!!

By Busymomof3 on Sep 13, 2011

Yes, I believe the correct wording is "oral challenge". The allergist starts by giving a very small amount of peanut butter (not even an eighth of a teaspoon). Then every 20 (?) minutes the amount of peanut butter increases until the allergist is satisfied that there is no allergy. My son is very allergic to peanuts & tree nuts. My youngest daughter accidentally ate a peanut butter m&m & then broke out in serious hives. The allergist first did the scratch test, then the under the skin testing. Then oral challenge. She passed! But I still keep her diet completely peanut & nut free! Good luck with everything! You are a good parent!

By robyn on Sep 14, 2011

Was it a skin or blood test? My son tested negative for PA in a blood test and we did an oral challenge and they had to call 911. Later I found out a skin test should have been done first. We obviously changed allergists after that.

People, particularly kids, can outgrow allergies at any time its just just not very common, If your son has that would be awesome! :)