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Posted on: Wed, 04/03/2002 - 8:42am
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pHi, /p
pI have been on this website since my 3 1/2 yr. old son had an allergic contact reaction to peanut oil/dust 3 months ago. /p
pWhen my son was 2 yrs. old he had a RAST test as I was curious what he was allergic to besides amoxicillin and had not introduced peanut butter yet. He is also lactose intolerant. His RAST test showed a 2; according to his pediatrician a mild allergy. When I asked if I could give him a little peanut butter she said, "I wouldn't." That was it. Ever since he asks everyone if what they offer him has peanut/peanut butter in it. /p
pHis contact reaction (and our wake up call)in January happened after wrestling with his daddy. My son hit his daddy's face with his face rather hard and within 10 minutes the side of his face was extremely red and welts started appearing before my eyes. My son was unaware of what was happening and didn't seem bothered. While trying to determine what happened, I recalled something a friend told me a month earlier of a report she'd seen on t.v. saying that if you have eaten peanuts you shouldn't kiss or touch someone who is allergic to peanuts for something like an hour or so. I asked my husband if he'd eaten peanuts that day and he said yes, but it was at least a couple of hours ago. At the time we didn't know about the seriousness of peanut allergy. (Pre-peanutallergy.com!)/p
pCalled the Dr. the next day and asked if I needed an Epipen. She said she didn't think so, his allergy was mild. But that she would give me one if it would make me more comfortable. Then I found PeanutAllergy.com! Read, read, read!!! I asked for a referral to an allergist. My son skin-tested a 4+ to peanut as well as lower to some other allergens. He was also diagnosed with asthma last September. We now have our epi-pen, jrs. and medic alert bracelet and materials from FAAN./p
pI just want to thank EVERYONE who posts here. I have learned much, been scared senseless MUCH, but feel much more equipped to deal with my son's allergy. And a HUGE thank you to Chris Papkee and all who work on this website!!/p

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