Our Letter to the 504 Coordinator

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I decided to just hit the 504-C with the facts in a letter to address the reasons why we will not sign the consent form to give them permission to call Brandon's doctors or release his medical records. Here's the letter:

Dear Karen,

We would like to thank you for meeting with us on January 31, 2006 to discuss Brandon

On Feb 3, 2006

Way to go, Tracy! That consent form is horrifying - why would the school need "all information" contained in his medical records? Polite but firm is the way to go. Let us know what happens!

On Feb 3, 2006

Tracy hang in there!

------------------ Love this site Synthia

On Feb 3, 2006


On Feb 3, 2006

Hi! I am having similar problems, have also shortened our letter to be similar to yours. I also e-mailed our questions to OCR and will post the response I get. This due process hearing, does that have to be requested from the school? I am trying to get a hold of the parent advocate still, just curious since you requested the hearing in your letter. Thanks, Wendy

On Feb 3, 2006

Hi Wendy - It helps to know that we are not alone in this battle over medical consent forms. In the paperwork we received directly from the 504-C, it states that a parent/guardian wishing to contest the 504 Committee's determinations may request an impartial hearing in which parents may have counsel participate. The request for the hearing sahll be in writing and shall specifically identify the ares of disagreement as well as the reasons for the disagreement. The request must be made within 25 calendar days following the date on which the report was issued. In other words, from the date they are saying they refuse to evaluate. The letter should go to the superintendent and it states that the super shall appoint an impartial hearing officer to take evidence and issue a decision regarding the committee's action or refusal to take action regarding the eligibility and/or placement of the student. The impartial hearing officer shall be chosen by the district from those individuals who are identified as hearing officers by the Dept. of Ed. Office of Admin. Law, who are willing to serve under this policy and who are not district employees.

Please keep in touch and let me know how your letter is received and I'll do the same!


On Feb 6, 2006

We'll have to see about the hearing, we're past the 25 day thing as it took some time to contact a lawyer. However we are refiling with OCR, I guess the fact that they provided modifications (although not well) without providing the procedural protection is a violation. We'll see where this goes. Just an aside, our son is named Brandon too.

On Feb 7, 2006


Originally posted by hblmom: [b] Just an aside, our son is named Brandon too.[/b]

So THIS is why I've been going mildly crazy as I try to follow your *2 different families* through this whole 504 battle!!

Letter that started this thread is great. Added a copy of it to my files. Feeling better equipped each day to handle our own 504 request in Georgia later this year.

Please continue to keep us posted!