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Posted on: Sun, 10/27/2002 - 11:15am
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I did write a letter to BK and sent it out the day after I made the post above. If I get a reply I'll post.
I normally only carry some apple sauce or piece of fruit and crackers with me as I don't know what else to take along that doesn't need heated, that would be a good substitute for a meal. He is only 17 months and not old enough to eat sandwiches, veggie sticks and things like that. I'll just have to get it some more thought as I'm sure there are things I could take with us to eat....
I did just check out the ingrediants on the BK web site recently, and I also think it was the cookies that had "may contain".

Posted on: Sun, 10/27/2002 - 5:53pm
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I can really relate! We miss eating out probably the most... but BK is one of our SAFE fast food places. Primarily because, like someone else mentioned, one of the BK execs was as the FAAN conference and is a big supporter of proper and complete labeling as well as staying away from the big allergens with all BKs products. We were assured NO PEANUT products would be used. However, I ALWAYS check anyway just in case that guy isn't with BK anymore and they changed their ideas!!! or if the francise decides to be original!!
Also, BK offers full ingredient lists to anyone who asks ... usually. One of the few companies to have printed lists available at the restaurant, in my experience.

Posted on: Sun, 10/27/2002 - 9:49pm
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Gracie, this is off the Burger King topic, but a response to what to bring. We are in the habit, since a trip to San Francisco, for which we got this great collapsable lunch cooler, of simply packing it everytime we leave the house for an outing.
I actually put stuff in it for both of us, especially was great when I was doing weight watchers and wanted to avoid the fast food. I throw in gogurts or yougurts, various fruit cups which come in individual sizes, fresh fruits, crackers, pretzels, favorite cereal in a baggie, nutrigrain bars, cookies, soy butter sandwiches(but yours is young, maybe for that). In the days when she was less picky: mozzarella string cheese sticks, pieces of chicken or turkey, etc... It seems like a pain, but it really is a habit, now and we just do it. Everybody has a healthier snack, we save lots of $$, and I always know we have something safe with us. Just rying to offer some suggestions! HTH. becca

Posted on: Mon, 11/04/2002 - 4:41am
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I received a response from BK in the mail:
"....A copy of your comments has been forwarded to the appropriate management team so that they too may be aware of your concerns....."
They included a copy of their indgrediants as well.
I noticed the buns, chicken tenders, all have "partially hydrogented vegetable oil" unspecified in the ingrediants. (There may be other items that say "ph veg oil".) I also noticed that the hashbrowns, breaded chicken patties, chicken tenders, egg patties (and more) have natural flavors from plant sources.
They specify most of the oil in the ingrediants as soybean or cottonseed, so it makes me leary of why they aren't specifying "vegetable oil" in the items above.
SESAME oil is in the BK Veggie Burger Patty. I know that some avoid sesame seeds, so I just wanted to meantion that too.
Burger King
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
Miami, FL 33126
Just wanted to update.


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