our big American holiday!!


Time has a habit of going by very quickly, and we realised that our older son was going to be 16 this year, and more than likely would want to spread his wings. That meant that family hols are on a countdown.

What teenager want to spend his hols with all his younger siblings and cousins,aunts and uncles when he could go with all his mates?

So we planned one big big big trip.

Not really thinking it was possible, just a bit of a dream really. But we have this mate, who is fairly high up in trail finders, and he sorted out our hols............er.........vacation? LOL !for us.

Three weeks from end of july to August.

We start with three days in new york, then fly to LA ,( inlcude hollywood, disney , universal studios, etc ) go to las vagas , hire a mobile home van thingy, and go to three national parks. which include Grand canyon, death valley, (cant remember the rest, have full list somewhere, .........will post in later ), then we go to san Fransico, then home.

I am a bit overwelmed with it all to be honest, its going to take three weeks, and lots of planning. So over the coming weeks I will more than likely have a few panic attacks worrying about williams allergies, and packing three weeks underwear for six, and stressing over the fact that i easily get heat rash!!

we are all very excited, and hope that we can get my hubbys knees sorted ( ooh, doenst he moan and groan about them!) and my inconvient gut probs, and of course get williams confidance high enough to enjoy this time. My eldest son is taking his guitar, as he dreams of playing it every night under the stars!

So, any advice and support would be very grateful !!!


On Feb 21, 2007

How exciting! Personally, I love the Grand Canyon. We went there while we were on our honeymoon and we want to go back with the kids. Next time we want to walk to the bottom, though, which requires being in rather good shape and having the right gear, especially in the summer. It's a much more serious deal than we realized before we got there. But you can have fun just walking around the rim and driving to different lookout spots. Especially if your DH has knee problems, that would be the way to go. Are you going to the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest national park also, by any chance? That's near the Grand Canyon.

On Feb 21, 2007

Can I come? Really, that sounds like it will be a lot of fun AND a lot of stress, too. Just try to sit back and relax and enjoy yourself as much as you can. Our kids grow up way too fast so enjoy every minute!

On Feb 21, 2007

how fun! I highly recommend the Petrified Forest if you are going to be at the Grand Canyon. Also Sedona and Flagstaff.

Just an FYI - it's well over 120 degrees on the highways in July/August near Las Vegas to Grand Canyon and especially Death Valley. Just be careful and make sure you read ahead about all those sort of concerns.

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PS - I've referred to this page alot where Death Valley travel is concerned, give you all the info on where to find stuff and how to handle storms (July-August could be monsoons already): [url="http://www.maturango.org/DeathV.html"]http://www.maturango.org/DeathV.html[/url]

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