Our appointment at the allergy clinic.

Posted on: Sun, 04/10/2005 - 1:40am
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I arranged this appointment because of william's reactions to dog, and our discovery of other food allergies. I had telephoned them , but felt that we needed to discuss a few more points.

I spent some time writing down the questions . having this sheet of paper in front of me,( and making the odd note) made sure that every area was covered !
I really recomend doing this, so even if you get side tracked you can go back to get all your questions replied.

Re- the dog allergy, had williams chest checked for asthma.
Chest clear, no signs of asthma, but agreed that williams response to dog, was a asthma type response.
William is more likely to develop asthma , so now have a peak flow metre to keep an eye on his lung function. also of course an inhaler to use when he does come in contact with a dog.

My main worry was if williams treatment plan should be changed due to his reaction to bovil and marmite. ( he couldnt swollow)
However, doc's opinon was that we are still doing the best to wait and see, and to stick to the plan.
He explained that there was no clear rules to this, and to take each reaction and judge things as we have been doing.
Pointing out that UK docs do have a differing view to those in other countries, particually America.
Many of whoom seem to advise the use of epi pens at first sign.
Although he agreed that epi pens were safe, and could be used even if reaction was not a true allergy reaction ( ie panic attack) , there was no need to over use the epi if it was not needed.
Both methods were not wrong IHO, but for william, he felt that the treatment plan was correct.

William had a varity of skin prick tests, a whole armful in fact, and as raw egg was low, have plans for a raw egg challange in 9 months time.
peanut as usual spread its way across williams arm. So thats still rather high!

Have been asked to bring with us a selection of all williams other food allergens to the egg challenge. so in 9 months time will pack in tupperwere boxes to carry on the tube and train. The list so far, eggs, kiwi fruit. all of his beans that he is allergic to, marmite and bovril.

we have brought from the hospital a envelope full of details of the xolair (omalizumab) trial.
AS this is an 18 page document it will take some time for both of us to read it and decide if this is something we would want Will to go through.

If we do decide to go for this, will post here. Who knows what the future will bring if this is indeed an end to worry about traces of peanut in our lives?!!


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