Other Legumes


For those of you who have children who are only allergic to peanuts or those who personally have only peanut allergies, did your allergist tell you to avoid other legumes and did you follow this advice? Please share you stories. thanks

On Nov 18, 2005

Son severely allergic to lima beans, garbonzo beans, white navy beans and soy! Oy! Peanut is a very bad allergy.

On Nov 19, 2005

Legumes share proteins..i.e.peas and peanuts share similar protein(s) and I am more allergic to peas that peanuts according to my RAST tests.

I decided it wasn't worth experimenting with other legumes.

On Nov 19, 2005

My daughter's caprast to peanut is >100 (Class 6), but she is a Class 4 for peas and a Class 2 for green beans. She reacts with awful hives for the peas since she was 9 months old, but now has no reaction to the green beans (since being on the sublingual immunotherapy) and can eat them without symptoms. We haven't tried the pea since she was 1 (is now 5). However, she seems to able to eat all other legumes (chick peas, kidney beans, navy beans, baked beans), although we have never tried lima beans. My doctors said not to worry about cross-sensitivity to other legumes even though she is highly allergic to peas.

On Nov 19, 2005

My pa son eats peas all the time. I just bought pasta made from legume flour that he was also fine with. He also eats green beans, but only at school. We have never had any trouble with other legumes and the doctor never mentioned it but then again, if you do not bring it up and ask the doctor,then nothing gets mentioned.

On Nov 19, 2005

When we brought my son in for testing, we mentioned that he eats peas, green beans, baked beans (all sorts of beans), walnuts, almonds and pecans without a problem. I think if he hadn't already been eating them safely, the allergist would've told us to avoid them just in case.

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