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Hi! Is anyone dealing with PA/TNA as well as wheat and gluten free diet as well. What types of food do you eat. Have you found any companies that are Nut free and wheat and gluten free also. Have you used the Cause You're Special products? Have you or do you use any protien drinks for yourself or your child. If there is anyone out there with these issues combined.

On Oct 14, 2003

Hi toomanynuts, Dealing with multiple food allergies is very difficult. There are several people on this board dealing with multiple allergies -- both in the same person and between family members.

While DS doesn't have the combination you mention, he does have multiple food allergies and has a friend who must avoid wheat and gluten. My experience is more on the side of snack, picnic, and special occasion food, but I've found peanut, tree nut, wheat and gluten free baking products at missrobens.com and many of the same products are available at Whole Foods. (Definitely call the individual manufacturers to verify their products meet your needs as being free of these allergens if you're concerned about cross contamination or have a "tight comfort zone," definitions and labelling vary).

As for protein drinks, many soy milks are free of the allergens you're looking to avoid. Assuming your looking for something more than enriched soy milk, you might have luck contacting soy milk vendors and asking about their other product lines. Just a thought...


On Oct 14, 2003

Hi! I have a ds (2 yrs. 4 months) who is wheat, egg and milk allergic. I assume peanut b/c his sister is...so I am assuming so for the time being. My son eats alot of rice pasta, corn pasta (from Whole Foods) with NO problem. He loves Rice Cakes and eats those too. He can tolerate "wheat starch" found in breakfast cereals..but as for wheat --well we tried it a few weeks ago and are not sure if he had a reaction or not. We are not re-trying again yet, as he is just getting over croup. So, I have NOT had a problem with the items listed about. He is on soy cheese, soy milk and soy cream cheese...he doesn't know any different. He tested negative (skin test) for egg the last time we had him skin tested...but quite frankly I am so afraid to try it. The milk he was rast tested at 7 months and was Class 3...Needless to say, at 1.5 years, a cup of my milk spilled on him and he got hives everywhere it touched...He proceeded to rub his eye and it swelled shut!!! I am hopeful for wheat and egg to go away, but not milk [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img] We avoid peanut stuff in our house anyhow...so for now, not an issue. Try Whole Foods or Lassens (if you have that)...

Edited to add that we use Food For Life White Rice Bread and my son likes that. Never had an issue.

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On Oct 14, 2003

My now 15 YO son was allergic to wheat (I think at about age four is when he outgrew it) - back then we bought several of the breads from Ener-G Foods [url="http://www.ener-g.com/"]http://www.ener-g.com/[/url] . I would defintely recommend that you phone to see if their practices meet with your comfort zones but my son never had a reaction to their breads.