Oscar Meyer/lunchables

Posted on: Wed, 12/08/2004 - 5:47am
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Has anyone contacted Kraft/Oscar Meyer lately? Or, does anyone eat these regularly? I wanted to buy the new Chicken Nugget type lunchable since DS loves nuggets. I am in the U.S.

Posted on: Wed, 12/08/2004 - 9:58am
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I have not contacted them recently but DD eats one every week in her lunch at school with no problems. She has not tried the nuggets yet.

Posted on: Wed, 12/08/2004 - 1:10pm
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We have always avoided lunchables since so many of them contain items that have peanuts or nuts. Seems like is a good chance for cross contamination. Have you called about these? It would be great if there was some confirmation that at least some of these are made in nutfree environment. I am always looking for something else to give my son.

Posted on: Wed, 12/08/2004 - 11:59pm
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I will try to call and ask about the lunchmeats, cheese, chicken and etc. in them. I know they put in many sweet treats that are off limits, but that can be replaced with something safe.I'll get a number and try to post back as soon as I can.
O.k., I've gotten really busy with the holidays. I will try to call in Jan!
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Posted on: Mon, 04/25/2005 - 1:01am
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I called Oscar Meyer about lunchables and got a good response. i trust them. bought some last week but my son hasnt tried them yet. they said even the peanut candy is separate from the safe skittles candy. you have to read every ingredient because there are so many items in one box. hope my son is ok with them.

Posted on: Mon, 04/25/2005 - 7:00am
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We use the pizza Lunchables in an emergency. They don't have any added snacks, so the candy worry is taken away. If you have a big supermarket, you should be able to find some without "dessert" included. While we're comfortable with the safety of the product from a FA persepective, the sodium content is not within our comfort zone, so they're for emergencies (basically field trips) only.

Posted on: Mon, 04/25/2005 - 10:43am
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I buy the ones without dessert and have never had a problem. I also don't like the nutritional value (or lack of), so I don't buy them often, and when I buy a few on sale, I limit my kids to one per week until the ones I buy are gone. THen that's it for a few months.

Posted on: Tue, 04/26/2005 - 3:11am
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Even though I also do not like the nutritional value, seeing that my son is allergic to most meats and other foods, lunchables save us and make him content. He usually eats the pizza ones, nachos, tortilla ones. I try to buy the ones without a snack, but if I buy ones with snacks, I just take it out. He has been eating them all year (along with other things of course)and has yet to have any problems.
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Posted on: Tue, 04/26/2005 - 5:50am
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Thanks everyone for input on this one. I had actually forgotten about contacting them, since it isn't something that we would actually be in need of at the present time. DS is not in school, but convenience packs are handy for other things. Glad to know that they are considered safe.


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