Has anyone called the manufacturer recently about Oreos? They make a peanut butter flavor but other flavors do not have a may contain warning. They are made in Canada. Are the peanut butter ones made in a different plant or on separate equipment? Thank you.

On Sep 24, 2007

I don't allow my family to eat anything from Nabisco. Every time I've ever called them, they refuse to tell me if their products are made on shared lines. They claim that their cleaning processes are effecient enough that they don't feel the need to disclose whether or not anything is made in the same facility or not.

I always politely tell them that this isn't good enough for us and for them to note it down that at least one family intentionally doesn't buy any of their products because of the lack of information given.

This is in the USA.

------------------ Sherlyn Mom to 7 year old twins Ben & Mike One PA since 13 months One PA since 7 years Stay Informed And Peanut Free!

On Sep 24, 2007

Many do eat oreo's but like PP, we avoid Kraft whenever we can. I use their parmesan cheese and salad dressing for lack of better options and hopefully low risk products. Can't really think of anything else I use from them right now.

DS had a possible rxn to their marshmallows and 2 other people here reported issues with the same product. They were terribly rude about providing info when I called so I have no desire to buy their products any longer.


On Sep 24, 2007

yes we do. we just had some last nite.

On Sep 24, 2007

Just spoke with Lorraine at 1-800-622-4726 (Nabisco/Kraft). I asked whether regular Oreos are made on the same equipment as the ones with peanut butter. She read me the spiel about products are not routinely manufactured on dedicated lines...if shared equipment is used, extensive cleaning is done...products are labelled if cross-contact is unavoidable...blah,blah,blah. So I told her that didn't answer my question: Are they made on shared lines or not? She said, "I don't have that information."

PA DD won't be eating Oreos!

On Sep 24, 2007

We use oreos often. So far not problem here. Then again my son reacted to vanilla wafers by keebler. I bought some more to make sure and he won't eat them at all. I don't know why but he usually gobbles up anything sweet and he will not eat vanilla wafers.

On Sep 24, 2007

We us Oreos here. Kraft/Nabisco has changed the way that they label. The newer boxes have the contains statement and I have seen may contain statements on some of the new packages. The Oreo Cakesters have a may contain warning.

------------------ Jodi

On Sep 24, 2007

We live abroad and don't have access to very many U.S. products. One of the few U.S. cookies we can get here is Oreos, so my PA son eats them quite often. Fortunately, for us they have always been safe and I buy them regularly.

On Sep 24, 2007

I think our Oreos are made in the USA. Am I wrong? Or are these 2 different products.

On Sep 29, 2007

We eat Oreos in our Peanut free home too. Mostly because he had eaten them prior to me finding out about Krafts "ways" without any problem. Since he has so few options I still let him eat them.

But yes, the new Oreo Cakesters have a may contain which I wont purchase.

On Oct 8, 2007

We eat them here all the time!

On Oct 10, 2007

One of the plants is close to my house. It is my understanding that they have two facilities that process most of their cookies...one in E. hanover, nj and the other in Fairlawn, NJ. We've had oreos and other nabisco products no problem. EXCEPT Chewy Chocolate chip cookies made in Mexico had a hunk of something that looked like a nut. Turns out it was just unmixed batter. I won't buy the ones made in Mexico anymore.

On Nov 14, 2007

The holiday oreos says a contains wheat and something else but no mention of peanuts or shared lines. Are they labeling for shared equipment now?

On Nov 14, 2007

We buy Oreos and have never had a problem.