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I am new to this board and the having a child with a PA but OROES seem like a safe treat, has anyone heard different? also can someone explain that new law in Jan. 2006 about labeling. I heard about it but was not sure what that meant?

On Jul 21, 2005

I've e-mail Nabisco about this, and they said that we should read the label on each of their packages when buying it. Currently, plain Oreos are run on a separate line from their peanut butter-filled ones, so they do not have a warning. But they said that different flavors sometimes share equipment, and they will put a warning on the package when things are on shared lines with the peanut ones. I have read that the mini ones at least sometimes do have the warning on them, so really do read each package, the ingredients and below the ingredient list. My best explanation of the new law is that by January, companies need to clearly state in their ingredients when a product contains the major allergens, including peanuts. They can't list natural flavors or other things without coming out and telling you that it contains peanuts. But they don't have to say that something may contain traces of peanuts or that it was manufactured on equipment that also processes peanuts.

On Jul 29, 2005

we have gotten oreos in the past but since that recall where they put peanut butter instead of white stuff in the cookie we are holding off on oreos for a while. it does make me feel better that the package that was recalled had a MAY CONTAIN PEANUTS on it so we wouldnt have bought it anyway.

On Jul 29, 2005

My kids have been eating plain Oreos regular size and mini's for years without a problem. I have never seen a warning on any of the mini Oreos. I live in the USA.

On Jul 29, 2005

I have a tight comfort zone and decided to let my little one try oreos this year (she's 2). We've done fine with the regular ones, golden and chocolate filled golden ones and she loves them. I always do read the label since some are not safe. I heard mint is supposed to have a warning.

On Jul 29, 2005

I haven't seen a warning (like a "may contain" or "made in a facility") on the mint cookies, but locally, the mint cookies list peanut flour as the last ingredient.


On Sep 6, 2005

Just spoke to rep at Nabisco's 1-800 number (U.S.). I asked about Double Stuf Oreos and got the spiel about labelling for 8 allergens, cleaning equipment between runs, quality control, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah. Then I said, "So this particular cookie could be made on the same line as a peanut-containing one, but the line is cleaned between runs?" Her reply: "That is correct."

We won't be giving PA DD Oreos because we don't trust her health and life to Nabisco's or anyone else's cleaning procedures. What a disappointment. Based on reading other posts here, I was almost ready to let her try them.

On Sep 6, 2005

We eat Oreos ALL the time, no problems thus far. We live in Canada.

On Sep 7, 2005

we eat them too again. i trust companies that have rigid cleansing processes