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Are oreo cookies safe?

By gw_mom3 on Jul 21, 2009

We trust the original ones. I won't buy any other variety although we have had them in the past (double stuff and golden oreos). My daughter is PA and TNA.

By BestAllergySites on Jul 21, 2009

We also buy oreos and always have. I read here recently that someone knew of someone that had a reaction. But I don't know the specifics.

For "our" comfort level; with large companies that label "may contains" I trust the products that don't have the label as being relatively safe. I also tend to trust the larger companies in general.

Hope that helps!

By gw_mom3 on Jul 21, 2009

Is Nabisco labeling consistently now? I know that in the past they did not label for may contains but I know the regular size cakesters and some of the 100 cal packs do. Have they changed recently?

By Peanuttees on Jul 29, 2009

Oreos are a staple in our house. I buy the regular, double stuff and the yellow (Golden?). The yellow are my peanut allergic son's favorite. I always check the lable first though because they do make a peanut butter oreo. Sometimes the label doesn't say anything about allergens but more often it just states wheat and soy.

By lalala on Sep 12, 2009

Kraft nor Nabisco lables for shared facilities OR shared lines. For this reason we do not buy Kraft or Nabisco products.

By RinaMom on Sep 14, 2009

Never had a problem with Original Oreos, Double Stuffs or the Golden Oreos. We won't touch the others.

Son is PA and TNA.

By kimberlyi on Sep 16, 2009

My daughter with a peanut allergy was ok with the original oreos until one package gave her a reaction. We haven't purchased them since.

By DefeatPA on Sep 16, 2009

My son has been fine with regular Oreos. In addition to reading the labels, I also try to take note if a peanut variety of the same brand has been introduced. Unless it is a large company that I really trust, I will stay away from the original variety if a peanut version has been launched. Odds are they are produced on the same manufacturing line.

By Bassball23bb on Sep 19, 2009

I contacted Nabisco over the telephone yesterday to inquire about their allergen handling and process procedures for Oreo Double Stuff cookies since i noticed they also make a Peanut Butter Creme variety.

The customer service representative said that since their equipment is designed to manufacture multiple products they could not say whether or not the Double Stuff cookies were made on the same lines as the Peanut Butter Oreos. She went on to say that if a product is made on equipment that processes any of the top 8 allergens it will be labeled with a warning statement on the package. I asked if since the majority of their cookies do not have a warning label if one can deduce that they are not made on the same lines with peanuts/tree nuts, and she said 'that is correct.'

Now, having that said, the question is: do I think it's safe to eat Oreos? Well, I'm not exactly sure. I ate regular and Double Stuff Oreos most of my life without incident, however, there are a lot of foods I used to eat that I would not now.

It would be nice if what the representative said is true however I'm not holding my breathe. It seems highly unlikely this information is correct given the fact that Nabisco makes so many products, one would have to believe that many are made on the same equipment.

Has anyone else had any experiences with contacting Nabisco recently, and if so, what did they tell you?


By diannek on Sep 19, 2009

I have never contacted Nabisco but we almost always have a package of doublestuff (golden or regular) oreos in our house and have never had any problems.


By Eyes2Jesus on Sep 19, 2009

The worst is this ... if someone is allergic to foods that they USED to be able to eat! Imagine growing up on nutter butter cookies, pecan pie, baklava, Reeses, peanut butter on toast and so much more only to later develop an allergy to thise foods! That is much worse! Just like having grown up with pets and later developing life-threatening allergies to animals!

But about the food companies - I have some ***major*** food companies that I have come to always trust. Kraft, Nabisco, Kellog, Hershey, General Mills, Frito Lay (although they're enot as major - as ALWAYS having CONSISTENT labeling, CONSISTENT allergen policies, etc. Although they DO have foods that contain allergens they are large enough to either devote certain "processing lines" for certain foods that do not contain nuts &/or they have such massive budgets and such resposible policies and consistent procedures and probably such a massive fear of lawsuits and loss of reputation if they incorrectly mark a product as "safe" that you can depend on them. You'll also find smaller companies that are just as consistent but you have to decide for yourself based on how genuiniely informed, consistent and concerned they are when you call their companies. Please don't confuse a "nice" representative at a food company with a company that is genuinely concerned. The concerned companies will actually be very firm in their anwers so as to assure the customers they are consistent. That is what I have found. Good luck! PS - I trust the regular OREOS, reduced fat and Double Stuff, (the older choices) but the newer flavors I haven't called Nabisco about and am uninformed about whether they are all processed on the same lines, but if I couldn't get through to Nabisco and was stuck on a deserted island with a package, Nabisco IS one of the companies I would trust for their label to state if their product has allergens in it or not - either in the ingredient line &/or in an allergen statement below the ingredient line &/or somewhere else on another panel if it had a "may contain" statement. But, since I'm not on a deserted island, I ALWAYS call ANY comapany about a new product &/or about their current products *IF* they have added a new &/or similar product to the old one that NOW has the addition of nuts in it where it did NOT contain nuts before!

By Bassball23bb on Sep 19, 2009

Just curious, do you trust these companies because of what you know about their manufacturing procedures or is it simply based on your past experiences?

My whole life I trusted Hershey's and still use some of their products, however, it makes me wonder, and feel a bit leery, when I hear about them recalling their chocolate shell ice cream topping this past year because it contained peanuts. (probably because they make a Reese's topping)

If Hershey's goes above and beyond FDA guidelines and has such a strict allergen policy in place as they claim then how did peanuts end up in a non-peanut containing ice cream topping?

And what makes it harder for consumers is that there is no way to get an answer to a question like that from Hershey. There needs to be more transparency when it comes to food manufacturing processes. If something is made for human consumption it should not be shrouded in mystery; companies should be able to specifically tell consumers which products are and are not made on shared lines with potentially life-threatening allergens.

By elissag on Sep 25, 2009

I called Nabisco and they said to read every label of every package, even if you buy two packages of cookies next to each other on the shelf. They went on to say that they have the capacity to stop production and re-label products if there was a possibility of cross-contamination at any time. Hence the reading of every label... We have eaten Oreo's and Chips Ahoy without incident since then. The rep on the phone gave me many examples and was very thorough in her response, which made me more comfortable than the same old lines I hear sometimes...

By TRexFamily on Sep 28, 2009

DD has never reacted to Oreos. I only buy Original, Double Stuff and Golden.

I will not go near the coated Oreos because they had to recall one variety approx 5 years ago because it contained pb. I'm too afraid of her biting into a coated cookie and then discovering that it's pb.

By Bassball23bb on Sep 28, 2009

Has anyone in this forum, whether themselves or family member, had any type of allergic reaction to either original Oreos or Double Stuf Oreos?

There were times when I would experience mouth irritation from some of the seasonal variations such as the Spring and Halloween Oreos.

By elissag on Sep 28, 2009

Likewise TRex. We have only bought the original. My PA son is only 2-and-a-half, so dessert is still kinda new to him anyway... I worry a lot about the seasonal varieties of anything, so I plan to stick with original.

By lalala on Sep 30, 2009

It was not to Oreos, but my son had a reaction from Jett Puff Marshmallows (made by Kraft). I made several calls about it and was always told that if they felt an item was unsafe they would label as such. After the FDA was contacted I was then informed that these marshmallows were produced right after ingredients for Nutter Butters.

By Bassball23bb on Oct 2, 2009


How long ago was your allergy experience to the marshmallows? Was the allergy severe?

By hollya on Oct 6, 2009

Yes, I would also like to know about the marshmallows. We eat them all the time. Thanks

By DonnaReed on Oct 26, 2009

Kraft & Nabisco do NOT label for MAY CONTAIN or for SHARED FACILITY.

ALL of their equipment is to be assumed to be ALL of the above as they break down and share equipment plus routinely change what is made where.

Our home has not one item from this company.

About time to hear from them as to another recall . . . for cross-contamination no doubt.

By jewetel on Oct 25, 2009

my son just had a mild reaction after mixing rice krispy treats made with jett puff marshmallows (KRAFT)--I found this blog while I was looking for information.

By elissag on Oct 26, 2009


How were you able to find that out about Kraft/Nabisco? They specifically told me exactly the opposite-that they always label for may contains and shared equipment. They did tell me that they have the ability to stop production and relabel packages if something did change and there was possibility of cross-contamination, so always read every single label, even if 2 packages are next to each other, because you never know which plant they were from, etc. Also, was there a recall?

By BestAllergySites on Oct 29, 2009


Did you call them-or are you quoting info you found from another site/someone else?

This is why I say it's 50/50 when you call. You might get someone in the know. You might get someone who is clueless. This leads to conflicting information.

The safest food are those made in dedicated allergen free facilities. The next safest is companies that make their allergen free items free first and also clean and test their lines between all foods.

I wrote a post about it here:


By diannek on Oct 29, 2009

I would love to know if you called them also.

I did call Nabisco yesterday. We have some Halloween oreos and I called before giving one to my PA son. I spoke to someone named Margaret (Marge ?) anyway, she put me on hold while she checked into whether they label for 'may contains etc....' She said that if any of the ingredients could possibly contain an allergen (specifically peanut in this case) it would be labeled as such on the package. She said that applies to even their 'natural flavoring' ingredient.


By gw_mom3 on Oct 31, 2009

I've always been told that they do not use dedicated lines anywhere. They say that if *they* consider something to have a risk of cross contamination they would label it as such. NOT because it was simply on shared lines but maybe if the lines weren't able to be thoroughly cleaned in between batches or something. Many companies, including Kraft/Nabisco, believe that their cleaning practices are good enough and will not label for shared lines because they truly believe there's no risk. So if they do label with a may contain warning there's probably a pretty good chance that it does contain. We avoid them as much as possible but we do buy *some* Kraft/Nabisco stuff. I'm just very choosy about which products I'll buy.

By lalala on Dec 4, 2009

Sorry I haven't been on in a while. This happened about 4 years ago. But as far as I've been told their practices have NOT changed. If THEY think that a product might contain an allergen then they label. This does NOT mean that they label for shared lines. Ask specifically when calling if they will label if a product is made on shared equipment even if they do an "allergy wash". They feel that this is sufficient to "ensure" that the allergen is not in the product.

Personally, my son and I beg to differ............

By BestAllergySites on Dec 5, 2009

lalala--thanks for sharing. I think the issue here is that some people can tolerate foods from allergy wash lines and some can not.

And of course the biggest issue is there needs to be more in the US with regards to labeling laws and shared lines etc.

I'm sorry your son had a reaction.