Oreida/Tyson question

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I was wondering if any of you feed your PA child Oreida products(fries, tator tots?)I went to their website and it's not available for email yet. How about Tyson chicken anyone been in contact with them? I actually emailed them tonight. It's just that it can take forever to hear from some of these companies if at all. Just checking around. Thanks bunches.

On Aug 29, 2000

My PA son and PA daughter eat the Ore Ida french fries and haven't had any problems whatsoever. They haven't had the tater tots in a long time but never had any trouble with them. My PA son can't have the breaded Tyson products because of his wheat allergy (among others) but my PA daughter has had the chicken nuggets with no problems, however it has been awhile since she's had them...I usually buy Banquet nuggets and they have been fine too! Hope this helps. tkiaml

On Aug 30, 2000

I called Ore-ida (800-892-2401) about a year ago and was told their plant that makes fries and tator tots is pnt/nut free. My daughter has been eating them ever since.

On Aug 30, 2000

My pa son eats Tyson chicken breast tenders (breaded) several times a week without problems.

On Aug 30, 2000

We use Oreida (mostly the tots) and Tyson chicken tenders as well as nuggets without a problem.

On Aug 31, 2000

If you scan down the topics on this board, there is a posting on Ore Ida products which I started in mid-July. I spoke with someone at their plant, and she gave me a list of things that were made in their pnut-free facility.