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Hi. My 5 year old son is going to start oral desensitization therapy on Oct. 6 for his severe peanut allergy. Has anyone been through this therapy, or are you going through it now? I would love to hear of your experiences.

By GinaC on Oct 1, 2009

Are you talking about oral immunotherapy? sublingual immunotherapy?

We just started sublingual immunotherapy. You can read about our experience here.


By CKH on Oct 7, 2009

He did great - thank you. In his treatment, he gets a tiny amount of peanut flour mixed in some juice. Yesterday was a RUSH day - he got 4 doses (each a little bigger than the last). He was able to tolerate the doses with no reaction! Now he stays on the highest amount twice a day for a week, then we go back to the dr. and he raises the amount. This will go on for 12-16 weeks. Ideally he'll make it to a maximum dosage that a non-allergic person would tolerate. then he'll stay on that for 6 months, go off it for a month, and then if he can tolerate the max dose he will be cured (of course they'll back it up with and skin tests).

I so hope you get to be in the treatment group!

By Mummyof2 on Oct 6, 2009

Hi, my son is also due to commence in an Australian study of oral immunotherapy for PA in November 09. He is 3 years old and was diagnosed with PA at 14 months of age. This study involves a placebo group which will be used to measure the findings of the treatment group against so unfortunately we will not know whether he will be receiving the treatment or placebo. How did your son go with the first day of treatment?

By Food Allergy Assistant on Oct 7, 2009

I'm so excited to read this and I applaud you, Carolyn and Mummyof2, for participating in studies that are paving the way to a cure for food allergy. Please keep us posted of your childrens' progress and know that you can always get support here.

By Mummyof2 on Oct 7, 2009

Hi Carolyn. Thank you for your update. That's is very exciting news that your son did so well with the RUSH procedure! I know how worrying it is being involved in something like this so you must be so relieved!

Our first day will be on Nov 10th and will also be a RUSH procedure (of 8 doses every half hour of either placebo or peanut flour). This study is also testing whether probiotics(good bacteria) will assist the immune system, so the treatment group will also be getting doses of probiotics. I too am praying that my son gets the treatment group. Although they have told us that the children in the placebo group will be first to start receiving treatment if the study proves successful and it is given the green light. Our study will involve increasing doses for 8 months which should bring them up to about the equivalent of about 10 peanuts, then a further ten months of maintaining that amount. Then the children will be retested.

It is exciting to know that so many studies are occurring at the same time around the world. I wish your son all the very best!

Also Food Allergy Assistant,thank you for your post and support. This is a great site and it is nice to know that support is available on here when needed!