Oral Challenge Scheduled?

Posted on: Wed, 12/27/2006 - 10:09am
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I just wanted to update you on my situation. I am currently scheduled for an oral challenge on 1/22. This is because both my SPT & RAST test came back with negative results. I've still been having reactions to things. The other night I ate a multigrain breadstick that had poppy seeds & sesame on them. My face, mainly my nose was insanely itchy for about an hour. I ended up not having to take benadryl. I'll stay a way from seeds now. I didn't know there would be a problem.

My primary dr. called my allergist today & they were discussing also the possibility of testing me for Celiac Disease (gluten intolerance) I'm still skeptical because I keep having allergic reactions to PN & TN every time I'm exposed now.

Can anyone else tell me what to expect with an oral challenge? I'm going to call tomorrow to find out if they have lifesaving equipment right there if I should have a severe reaction. the dr's office is also right in front of the hospital, 1 min. away.

Thanks for any input.

Posted on: Wed, 12/27/2006 - 10:25pm
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Thanks, (edited). I know that I've been going through all of these crazy emmotions. I would say denial & doubt would be the top 2 that I'm having a hard time with. I suppose that in the back of my mind I know it's possible to have ana reaction. I read one story on a link about a 16 yr. old boy who had minor reactions before & he didn't carry his epi on him, but had them at his house & at school. Well, he ate what he thought was a non-pn cookie at a friend's house & by the time he called his mom & she got to him with the epi it was too late & he had already died.
That saddened me. I realize that it's very possible, but I still struggle with it. My DH has been very concerned & is even concerned with my challenge.
I'm just worried that I won't have a reaction in the office. The past two PN exposures I had took 6-8 hrs. for sores to develop on the sides of my mouth. The last set of sores were really sore & embarrassing. Around the sores they got red & crusty looking. I took pics, but I accidentally burned over them on a disc, I don't know how I did it, but I lost a lot of family pics when I did that.
Anyways, sorry this is so long, but I just wanted to thankyou & everyone else who has been so helpful!

Posted on: Wed, 12/27/2006 - 10:45pm
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Oral challenge.
Testing is negative (SPT and RAST?).
But you get a reaction when eating, say, sesame and nuts.
Safe to say, that if you THINK you react to those things, then WHY do an oral challenge? You WILL react to them in the office, kwim?
I dont understand. Help me out.
[b]* Obsessed * [/b]

Posted on: Thu, 12/28/2006 - 3:39am
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Jason, to answer your question about the oral challenge, the allergist is wanting to check for sure that I'm allergic. They are also considering Celiac Disease(gluten intolerance). I'm not really concerned about ana reaction, though I understand that it can happen, I'm sure that I'll probably break out in hives or sores later that night.
I may be really dumb, but not being officially diagnosed makes me feel like maybe this isn't real. I just want to know if this is real. I know, I must sound really ignorant, but I guess from going all of my life eating nuts & PN butter & etc. to all of a sudden possible nut reactions without a diagnosis, is really frustrating.
Sorry, I had to just vent.

Posted on: Thu, 12/28/2006 - 3:58am
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But test? WHY go thru it?
What happens if you DO react to, say, peanuts in the oral challenge? You will end up avoiding.
What happens if you do NOT react to them? Are you going to continue to eat them, or av oid them, because you HAVE reacted in the past? Good bet is 'you would avoid'.
Therefore, with both outcomes being the same, whats the point...?
You're not being dumb or anything... Just learning. It's ok.
And answers certainly don't pertain to YOU, the guy next to you, or anyone else.
They're just MY personal opinions, since you asked... [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
Good bet, though, that you WILL react to something in the oral challenge, and you'll avoid, regardless of the SPT or the RAST being negative.
I just didnt want you to go thru unnecessary testing.
When we did the last RAST for caitlin, it included EA's.. I wasn't there, or else I wouldve said 'Why bother'.
We're on zyrtec... We're not gonna do anything different based on the test. We KNOW she sneezes at pollen, therefore, its a meaningless test.
Sure as heck it WON'T be on 2007's RAST when [I] go [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
[b]* Obsessed * [/b]

Posted on: Thu, 12/28/2006 - 4:00am
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Also, as for CD testing...
AFAIK, you have to be consuming large amounts of gluten for 2 weeks (at least) for the testing to be accurate. 2 weeks of painful eating, kwim?
If you THINK you're Celiac or even gluten allergic, just avoid the food, forget the testing, and move on.
[b]* Obsessed * [/b]

Posted on: Thu, 12/28/2006 - 5:05am
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I tested light allergy for peanuts but I know how I feel when I eat them and I don't want to get tested again. My doctor even tries to tell me that maybe I'm reacting to a tree nut that was with peanuts, but I know that I reacted to peanut butter, peanuts, and shelled peanuts and over time the allergy has gotten worse. I don't get ana but I feel like I'm choking on sand and can breath in between but I'm afraid that maybe one day I will not be able to breath if I accidentally ingest peanut again. It's good to know but take all precautions. Good luck with the testing.

Posted on: Thu, 12/28/2006 - 6:08am
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Jason, thanks for the input. I'm most likely canceling the challenge. I just about fell to the floor when I heard how much it will cost. I guess I just feel like I need to prove it to myself, I don't know if that's normal or why I just can't drop it & accept that I'm PA & TNA.
Venting again...lol

Posted on: Thu, 12/28/2006 - 7:11pm
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AlAnon, I believe, has a 12 step program...
So does dealing with FA's.
The first step, IMO, should be 'acceptance'.
You cant do much more til that is accomplished.
Me? Im glad you're cancelling it. It'd be pointless and expensive.
[b]* Obsessed * [/b]

Posted on: Fri, 12/29/2006 - 5:28am
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Thanks guys, I know that you're right. I have to admit that I want to try it out myself, but I will accept it.
I really appreciate all of your support, insight & experiences. Hugs to everyone!!

Posted on: Fri, 12/29/2006 - 10:45am
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KIMMO, I don't agree that you should cancel your appointment.
I had GI reactions for years. I thought the reactions were caused by garlic and went out of my way to avoid it. When I was diagnosed with peanut allergy, I asked the doctor to test me for garlic too. Peanut was positive...garlic was negative.
I was astonished! I was convinced I had a garlic allergy and all along it had been peanuts! I had avoided so many foods that I didn't need to. Before Christmas, I bought a whole garlic and have used it in recipes with no problems.
I have since found out that I am also allergic to cumin.
Perhaps it isn't peanuts causing your reactions?
A food challenge with medical supervision will prove or disprove PA.
Just my thoughts.....
p.s. I have also read that as you grow older, the skin wheal in a positive SPT will not be as large. In adults over 50, a positive skin wheal will be much smaller. My positive SPT was 4.5. Not huge, but still positive.
[This message has been edited by Adele (edited December 29, 2006).]


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