Oral Challenge


My DD will be 3 in Nov.. She is PA. She has had one reaction at 18 mo. old to eating PB. She coughed, was hoarse and had itchy eyes with small hives. Since that reaction we have been very strict with her diet. She had a RAST score of 2 at 18mo. We didn't see an allergist at that time. I wanted to get her re-tested and so I took her to an allergist recently. She had a small reaction on the SPT. The wheel was size 2 and her RAST test came back at .4. So, all of this is very promising for us but the allergist has recommended an oral challenge after her 3rd birthday and I am really nervous about it.

I am worried that if she has a reaction, it could cause her to be more allergic. I wonder if we are better off waiting longer. I also need to find a better description of what a size 2 wheel means. Ultimately, I need to talk to the allergist again. The nurse called me with the results. Can anyone shed any light on this subject? Has anyone had any experiences with oral challenges with these test results? I hoped she would outgrow but though it would take longer.

On Sep 20, 2008

The numbers going down sound promising, which is great! You have some good questions for your allergist, too.

The challenge would be at the DRs office right?