oral challenge?


Hi Wow what a great site. but would like some input from other Moms who have pa kids My allergist has only ever done a skin test to determine the peanut reaction of my daughter. 2+. the last skin test which by the way he suggest is done each year showed also this result and he wanted to do a oral challenge test. Be here at my office at 8:00 a.m. Pound on the door until I come no one else is here at that time and bring along an unopened jar of peanut butter to try her with. Well of course this didn't sit right with me so I opted no to bother about the oral challenge test. Is this the norm? Is a 2 plus reaction bad? I mean I have taken care of the necessary stuff... like no peanut butter in home or products like hydrolized plant protein but I am really starting to wonder how much is known about this allergy. I was told that each exposure makes it worse yet this allergist told me that this is not necessarily true. Well I guess I want the facts. And yes of course we avoid peanut but everyone I have spoken with seem to have their own versions on what to avoid and how to handle the allergy. Sheesh I wish the md's and the allergist would get their facts together. Also I am told that green beans, peas are in the same family as peanut and should be avoided. Well I guess you can see where I am at with this so any help in setting the story straight would be appreciated. Thanks.

On Sep 16, 1999


You are so right about the confusing information presented by various allergists. I was told by my allergist to strictly avoid peanuts (My son is 20+ on the skin test) and peanut products, but he said that beans and other legumes presented no greater a risk that any other food. He tolerates green beans, but really does not like any other type of beans. I have been told that kids who do not like a particular food (particularly those with major food allergies) should not be forced to try things, because they may instinctively know that they cannot tolerate these things. So, I never push any food on my son. But, I am like you when it comes to conflicting information. Sometimes you just don't know exactly what to believe.

Stay Safe, Deb.