Oral Allergy Syndrome and Skin Testing

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Question: My 2 yr old ds was skin tested for pears and other things around 9 months of age. He was NEGATIVE for pears. He ate the Gerber baby food pears (which are "processed"), but every time he ate FRESH pears, he got hives on his face and red blotches (uticaria)...I would give him 1 dose of Benedryl and everything was fine! I mentioned it to the allergist thinking that he might have OAS, but would this make sense? Could he skin test negative and the still have the OAS to that particular fruit. I would say that his skin tests were fairly accurate given the positives and negatives that he got and what we know food wise. I just wonder for anyone out there that has OAS, would you skin test negative too for that particular fruit/veggie. I know that the solution for the skin test is a "commercial" solution - so processed and not the "raw" component of a fruit or veggie..Any experiences with this, I would like to hear...

On Aug 30, 2003

When my dd was diagnosed with OAS she was not skin tested for any fruits or vegatables. The allergist looked at the previous results from her pollen testing, her history, and symptoms of an itching mouth, tongue and throat after eating certain fruits and this is how she was diagnosed. I was told that it is not an allergy to the particular fruit, it was related to the pollen allergy.

I just raised a thread in off topic with links to some information on OAS.