Oral allergy reaction?


I had asked DH if he had eaten any PNbutter recently or any nuts, & he said, "Why?" After I told him that I had really small sores on the corner of my mouth, he said that he had eaten PNbutter cookies the day before. The small sore I had on the left corner of my mouth was really small compared to the last times I seemed to have reactions to PN & peas. I also didn't get any hives/rashes.

I wonder if it's oral allergy reaction? I think the durration & the severity of the sores were less because I've been staying away from PN & TN's. Possibly, I have a stronger tollerance to my allergens, though I will still stay away from them.

I hope that this makes sense. Just thinking outloud...thanks for any input.

On Mar 22, 2007

I think if your reactions in the past were similar to this that it may have been a reaction. Maybe there was very little protein in his mouth if he ate and drank after eating the cookie.

I hope your sensitivity is getting less but I think you are smart to stay away from peanuts.