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opps, how about support in atlanta?

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Hello, we are new to this, freaked out and need help. Does anyone have a support group in atlanta?

On Dec 21, 2000

Hi, I'm Julie. I don't know of any support groups, but I live in Chattanooga. I'm 28 and have been PA since I was 1 1/2 (Class 5 -- my allergist loves me). I also have held "training seminars" for several friends when they originally found out their child was PA, and later held "cooking school" for a friend's PA 7 year old daughter and her friends and their parents. If you want, pull my e-mail off my profile and e-mail me there. I send you basically a break-down of what to expect and look for if you'd like. Just thought I would offer. Take care.

On Dec 22, 2000

Hi Shale, We live in Walton county just out I-20 from Atlanta - I don't know of any support groups in the area but I'll be glad to share what I've learned in 10 years of peanut allergy with my son (he was diagnosed when we lived in Cobb County at 1 yr. old). You can e-mail me if you'd like to get any info.

On Dec 29, 2000

Hello Shale3!

I'm interested in a support group in the Atlanta area also. I'm also new at the PA thing and feel overwhelmed. I live in Gwinnett and know someone else here that has a child with PA which is also interested in a support group.

On Jan 16, 2001

Hello Georgians!!

I am also in the Atlanta area (Cobb County) and very interested in beginning a support group! Sometimes the panic and stress of being PA is more difficult to deal with them the allergy - it would be great to talk to others.

Let's all try to organize a monthly meeting!?

Hope to hear from someone, Mel (meldillard@yahoo.com)

On Jul 30, 2001

Hi Georgians! Also interested in support group in the area. I am in Gwinnett County. My 3 year old hasn't been tested yet but had an anaphylactic reaction after grabbing a handful of mixed nuts (and eating a cashew)at a birthday party. We couldn't reach her before she popped them in her mouth (not that we expected reaction but were trying to hold off nut experience until she was older). Anyway - trying to find more people in Georgia. At least correspond by email if support group can't get off the ground.

On Aug 13, 2001

We also live in the Atlanta area (by Lost Mtn. - Cobb County), and I'm looking for a support group too. I would really like to find one for kids - I'm almost 13. Does anyone know of any?

On Aug 25, 2001


There is a large local Atlanta group right now - check out the website.

On Jan 14, 2006

I tried the link in the last post, but it doesn't work anymore. Is there any kind of group going in Atlanta now (Gwinnett County specifically)?

By KAdams on May 25, 2010

Hello- a support group in atlanta is- Food Allergy Kids of Atlanta website www.foodallergykidsatl.org Also the food allergy walk in Atlanta is going to be 10/2/10 a place to meet other families with the same issues. Also a local resource is available to help food allergy families. ALERT CLOTHING COMPANY has food allergy child safety t-shirts, sweatshirts and totes for the pre-school age child. Bright cheerful characters (fish,butterfly,cowboys..)and a food allergy message to alert caregivers. Dancing Dinosaurs,"Food Allergy...NO food sharing without asking my Parents!" 12 designs in all.The company logo is on the back of each item for easy ID. Worth a look for summer camp & pre-school. www.AlertClothingCompany.com