ooo. This is confusing.

Posted on: Thu, 01/06/2005 - 10:48am
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An IEP meeting is scheduled for this month. Yesterday, a representative in a supervisory role called me. (Phone call was regarding the upcomming meeting). During the phone call this person expressed a desire to work with us re: health needs of my cub. Anywhooooooooooo. Asked us if we were happy with the educational portion (he is out of district). I had the usual concerns of parents. Asked me if I thought a certain referral was necesary......I've stated before I wasn't approving of the methodology of those types of referrals and wasn't interested. Don't know why it came up. I was also informed, now this was a friendly conversation as far as these conversations go, and get this....the school/co-op/whatever stated they will be bringing an attorney to the IEP meeting. (My cubs health care needs are addressed under: OHI "Other Health Impairment")

Currently, I'm not bringing an attorney. Didn't really plan on it. The meeting is a little more than a week away. Not really sure if I need one. I mean, several years ago, at another school, prior to nearly two years of homeschooling, an attorney sat in for the district (another district in the co-op) during 504 meetings for the same needs. An attorney didn't accompany us *then*. There were quite a few meetings. The attorney didn't phase us, but the meetings didn't go anywhere either.

This is *my* cub's IEP meeting. I really don't want some strange attorney present at *my* cub's IEP meetings. I mean, the last meeting had 15 persons present. How many people *do* have to be privy to these meetings? Never realized it before, but now I do. I mean, should this person be able to demonstrate they are *pivotal* in the care and instruction of my cub in order to attend these meetings? Cuz I just don't see it.

Anyways, sent a letter asking to validate the *reasons* and *necessity* of this person attending. I was told the presence of this attorney was to facilitate the "appropriate" and "legal" responses of the team..............and that it was within the "authority" of the district to do this.

I'm bewildered. [i]People need assistance in order to do this??????????????[/i] I mean, if one needs assistance, what am I supposed to think?

Maybe it's just me. I-yi-yi. Should I still believe there is a desire to work with us?

I hope taxpayer dollars aren't being used in a futile attempt to intimidate, but I'm a bit annoyed that a person whom I doubt will help facilitate the resolution of this situation (but hey, I could be wrong) will be attending to coach team members who already don't "get it" in the manner we do.

General Disclaimer: I am not offering advice in any manner or form. Just bewildered, but recovering quickly......

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