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Posted on: Tue, 07/04/2000 - 12:59pm
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Check out and please reply, if you can, to online survey currently being done at [url=""][/url]
I don't know how I ended up there tonight, but their topic is have peanut free zones gone too far? As usual, it seems, in these types of surveys, we're getting creamed, even with the option of "better safe than sorry"!
A very sad commentary on people in general, I believe, but please, if anyone can, get your two cents in there. It doesn't involve a post or anything, just clicking your answer!


Posted on: Tue, 07/18/2000 - 2:31am
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pI had contacted Canadian Parents when this survey was going on and asked them if they could send me the results when it was complete. Now, I know that by posting that there was a survey being conducted, some PA people may have gotten in there that normally wouldn't have, so I may have ended up helping to up the numbers in a more positive way, which I guess isn't really right. At any rate, it is still frightening to see how people respond. Only 111 people answered the survey to begin with, but I think we'll find it indicative of most surveys of this /
The question was Do you think "Peanut Free Zones" are getting out of control?br /
Total Votes for this Question: 111br /
34% have voted for Yes, I don't think it is fair for kids who like peanut productsbr /
52% have voted for No, I think it is better safe than sorrybr /
14% have voted for No, my child has a peanut allergybr /
0% have voted for No comment./p
pI know that even if I didn't have a PA child I would respond No, I think it is better safe than sorry, but obviously, a lot of people don't feel that way./p

Posted on: Tue, 07/18/2000 - 6:37am
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pCindy where is the question posed on this site? I couldnt find it?/p

Posted on: Tue, 07/18/2000 - 6:48am
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predtruck, the survey closed last Friday. I don't know how I ended up getting there, but I was in my home page and there was a poll being conducted about whether Peanut Free Zones had gone too far. Somehow Canadian Parents online is connected to I don't even know why, but it caught my eye when I was probably leaving this site, so I went in, posted my reply, that my child is allergy to peanuts. But, at the time that I went in, the numbers were very high in favour of other children not being put out by this allergy (or whatever the wording is). So, what I did, and it's probably not right, but I have a list of PA parents and other concerned individuals (i.e., my friends) that I e-mailed telling them that there was a survey going on right now and to please get in there. I suspect that's why we can out on the plus side. And, I came right to this site and posted that there was a survey going on right NOW so anyone reading could maybe get their two cents in too. It did close Friday, but I believe had I not rigged it, and that's disgusting, the favour would have tipped the other way. This way, it looks to the average person responding, that it tips our way still. I wish it wasn't an us versus them thing./p

Posted on: Fri, 09/22/2000 - 10:19am
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pI followed up on this. If you go to [url=""][/url] and then click on school age children (left hand side) you'll eventually find an article written in response to this initial survey and the survey is being re-done again to see if people's attitudes have changed any after reading the article by a PA parent. There are also 2 discussion groups going on when you pull up the article (right hand side of the page that you can go into). With this contentious issue, a word of caution as always, not to enter the discussion board when it's not exclusive to PA parents because it may be upsetting to some./p

Posted on: Sat, 09/23/2000 - 12:50pm
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pWOW! I was shocked to read this article because we should all know who it was that wrote it. What a wonderful article Cindy! I was very impressed with how serious you portrayed PA to be. You also included many wonderful points and I hope that this has a major impact on peoples opinions regarding this allergy. Do you write alot of articles on the side or as an occupation?/p

Posted on: Sun, 09/24/2000 - 6:32am
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pNaomiR, thank-you so much for your wonderful comments re the article. When I 1st spotted the survey being done and tried to rig the vote in our favour, I also wrote Canadian Parents and asked them if they could send me the results of the poll when it was finished because I had a PA child and was very interested in the outcome. The woman who wrote me back asked if I would be interested in submitting an article. The whole thing was though, I didn't know that it was on-line. I had submitted the draft of the article to them the week that I "lost" my computer and then I guess because they couldn't get in touch with me they decided to run the draft. So, I was a bit embarrassed by that because I had had a couple of people look at it and there were some changes that I would have liked to have made, but it got out there anyway. What I'm really pleased with is that it seems to have swung the vote in our favour. No, I've never done anything like that before. My son's principal had suggested that perhaps one of our local newspapers could be contacted about having an article published re PA and so I know a woman who writes a comical column for the Wasaga Beach Connection. I've called her and left a message (she's on holiday) to get a contact name and I've decided that if they are interested in printing an article re PA I will write it myself and it will hopefully be the article that I wanted as my finalized version on Canadian Parents. Thanks so much though, I really appreciate your /
I found out when I was able to use a friend's computer a few weeks ago that it had been printed and it really made me feel the emptiness of not having the computer again. I currently have it on a day-to-day basis. Anyway, enough rambling. Thanks so much. You know what though, I think most of us could write a similar article!/p

Posted on: Mon, 09/25/2000 - 9:22am
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pGreat article Cindy!! I have had alot of trouble this year with my 5 year old entering kindergarten. I have had to get a note from my Doctor stating to keep an epi pen in the /
Thanks again for the great article!/p

Posted on: Mon, 09/25/2000 - 9:31am
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pGreat article Cindy; thanks! I'll try to post a direct link here, to make it a little easier for folks to access. Here's my try: [url=""][/url]/p

Posted on: Mon, 09/25/2000 - 11:40pm
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p[img][/img] Thanks for all of the positive response, but as I said above, it was a draft they printed due to me going offline, and I also believe that any one of us could have written the same thing! Really! But, thank-you. Best wishes./p

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