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Hello all. I appreciate this site so much for gathering information, but I am wishing there was a more private forum or Yahoo group especially for moms of peanut/tree nut allergic children. I am a member of other mom groups online and it is always wonderful to have a place to chat with and get support for women in a similar situation. Does anyone know if such a group exists for peanut allergy moms? Would anyone on here be interested in starting one up with me?

By amira1987 on Jul 17, 2010

Hello all! My name is Lauren. My son Oscar is 11mths old and has just been diagnosed with a PEANUT, milk,and egg allergy. Im having a really hard time dealing with it. I really dont know where to start looking for information about it. Can anyone give me any tips? What are the most common foods with peanuts in them? Any information would be helpful. Thank you!

By Leticia on Jul 22, 2010

Hi Lauren,

My 1 year old son was also diagnosed being allergic to peanuts, eggs, milk and dogs a few months ago.

There are 2 great places you can use for guidance: FAAN and KFA.

Here is their web site:


By Seminole County Mom on Aug 6, 2010

I have a 1 year old that was diagnosed with egg, milk, peanut, and broccoli allergies at the age of 4 months.

I agree with Leticia. Both websites are great. I like KFA because they have a great support forum for everything and the moms are very supportive of each other!