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On Feb 24, 2000

Great article, Chris! Once again, thanks for all your efforts in bringing this allergy to the forefront.

On Apr 5, 2002

I came accross this article while doing a search on peanut allergy. With Chris' help I discovered it was already on this board and thought I'd bump it up.

It is a GREAT article!

My personal opinion is that it would be great to see this as a link on the Homepage as it tells the Papkee's story and the origins of this website. I think it would serve as a concise introduction on this allergy to those coming to this website as well as a link to share with others who we would like to educate.

Again, thanks to all the Papkees for providing this valuable source of support!

On Apr 6, 2002

Thanks for bringing this up as I had never read it either.

Great article, I especially liked the fact that you pointed out how hard family gatherings are.