One Snack at a time


Hello all!! My 7 year old son is analphlyactic to peanuts and tree nuts. (I'm allergic to both but mildly allergic. ). We have been dealing with his allergy for 3 years. He is very discouraged over his allergies. There is no one else in his school with such a severe degree of allergy so it has been a very long and hard process getting the information out there. People have been very concerned about his situation and I have only had 1 problem with a woman who said it was rediculous the way people carry on about PA. I am very strict about what he eats & the situations that may arrive. Even close relatives don't get the fact that even smelling peanuts is fatal. I have a lot of fear and anxiety everytime my son is not near me. Any thoughts on how to deal with people over the severity of a peanut allergy? Thanks!!!

By cervonil on Jul 5, 2011

I struggle with this as well.. you are not alone. I get so mad and never seem to handle it well.