OMG! Negative test!


Hi guys! Maybe you will have some insight. I took Maggie to a new allergist today. We did not like the one that we saw in January very much, and just wanted a change. January she tested 4+ to peanuts on a skin prick test. I saw was huge and red. So, the doctor decided to retest peanuts anyway along with tree nuts and pets etc. Everything...even peanuts...was negative! The doc and I were staring at her back like something would change. There was no bump at all for peanuts. The doc had her tested again on her arm and no reaction. He sent us for a blood test, which we will get back in 1-2 weeks. We are all soooo confused. 4+ - 0 in 3 months! Something must not be right. Until we hear back about the blood test, we will still treat her as severly allergic to peanuts. Has this every happened to anyone else? Help:-)! Emily

By Ashley5473 on Mar 24, 2009

When was the last time she had an antihistamine?

By MagnoliasMommy on Mar 25, 2009

She had benedryl maybe the 2 weeks before. I can't remember. She also had Claritin more than a week before. I followed the Dr.'s instructions about making sure she did not take anything within the specified amount of time. That would make sense though :-) Thanks

She tested negative to EVERYTHING! on the blood test. I am excited but sooo confused. We are going to do a food challenge for peanuts on the 8th. Hopefully it will go well.

SHe has had hives 3x this past week, so I am nervous.

By Ashley5473 on Mar 26, 2009

Oh wow, well make sure you let us know how it goes!!! Good luck!

By ginacouture on Apr 5, 2009

I can understand your confusion. My daughter had a reaction 3 years ago to peanuts after eating them all her life with no problem.She has tested negative to blood and skin tests yet 2 different allergists are still calling her severely anaphylactic because of what they describe as a systemic reaction to skin tests. Her symptoms include runny nose a rash on the inside of her arms in her elbow crease intense flush of the face and neck followed by extremely pale skin and exaustion. She has had the same reaction to eggs, milk and wheat with egg also giving her a raised welt at the sight of the skin test. At this point we are only adressing the peanut allergy because she has been told it could be fatal. Also she has never eaten an egg or drank a glass of milk in her life due to an extreme aversion to them.Egg cooked in things does not give her a problem and I honestly do not know what would happen if she had egg or milk because she will not so I guess that is why we do not have to adress them. She is almost 13 years old. Anyone have a remotely similar situation I would love some insight.