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I've been PA since I was about 18 mo. old & have managed to get along this long (42 yrs.) with it. So it wasn't much of a surprise that my dd had a pretty severe - but not (yet) anaphylactic - reaction to inhalated peanuts 2 weeks ago. W/O going into details, it was finally later last week that I got her in for her blood test. Her pediatrition called today and said that she tested strongly positive (DUH!)& that they were prescribing an Epi-Pen. I called back when I got home from work, and requested 2 E-Pens - 1 for home, 1 for school.

For those of you who keep E-Pens at elementary school, are they in the classroom or at the nurse's office? The dr's office said that it would depend on school policy, but that most people keep them in the nurse's office, in case an incident occurs outside of the regular classroom.

I've been reading about some of you having 504's. This is new to me, since when I was a child, no such thing existed (or if it did we were unaware). Where can I get additional info about this? I'm not sure I want to go the 504 route, as my daughter needs to learn to deal with this in life, as I did. Yes, I've had some pretty scarey moments, but as you can see, am still here to tell the tale.

I'll admit though, I'm pretty scared. I want what's best for my dd. I said to my husband today that I don't want to become the parent-from-**** (we're both middle school teachers & have had experience with those!). I have to say, that when I informed the school the day after her reaction, the nurse called me w/in minutes of receiving the note and asked if I wanted her at the peanut-free table at lunch. They really seem to be caring and concerned about the children they have with PA.

Sorry for the long diatribe. Thanks to those who have read this far, and I look forward to your replies!

On Feb 28, 2006

Hi and Welcome Yasmina!

My dd is in 2nd grade and she has a fanny pack that is to be kept with her at all times. Inside is her Epi Pens(2), asthma meds and Benadryl. When she goes to PE, Art, library etc the pack goes with her. It should not be kept in the office ( in my opinion) as you want it readily available if needed.

I think a 504 plan is a good idea- you should read all the threads on 504n plans- We have one and have always had one since K.

I think you should also ask for more Epi pens- you never know if you would need more or if one malfunctioned etc. I have like 8 of them between home, school, and what we take with us where ever we go!

I think since your daughter had a contact reaction you need to take this very seriously- it seems more and more common for reactions to occur out of the blue- even as kids are getting older and may have been eating nuts all along.

Best wishes and keep reading- this site has tons of useful information!

On Feb 28, 2006

My son (grade 2) wears an e-belt with an epi-pen in it, and an extra is kept in the office in an unlocked drawer.

Can't help with 504 information as I'm Canadian.

On Feb 28, 2006

For information on Section 504, go to



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