Odd RAST results...


Can someone PLEASE help me! My first son has been milk, egg and peanut allergic his entire life. We started finding out before he was one. I thought he had been RAST tested and it has now become apparent to me that he had the capRAST. The problem is that we took my second son (21 mo) in for a RAST as well. I asked for the results and told the office I knew how to read them (doctor is out of town for 4 weeks and I didn't want to wait!) Well apparently he actually had a RAST and not a capRAST. So, I understand the IgE results I think - the only "score" was a 0/1 for cow milk the range was 558. Peanut was <100. My interpretation is that he is just barely allergic to milk, he does get a contact rash if yogurt sits on his face for too long. And the peanut is non existant? We won't be giving him any peanut until well after 3 or even 5, just want to know for peace of mind. Now, what has really thrown me for a loop is the rest of these results. There is IgG(?) and IgG4(?) which shows milk at a >100 (out of range) with a "score" of 5 which interprets to extremely high! He drinks milk all the time! So does anybody know what the IgG and IgG4 mean? I've never heard of them or seen any discussions about it. Thank you so much if you read this far and thank you tons if you have time to give me an answer! CoCo

On Jun 30, 2003

Trace'smom, I did some searching on the web and I think I understand it but am including links in case I'm wrong and you can figure it out.

It seems that IgE is the antibody associated with immediate allergic reaction and IgG along with IgG4 are the antibodies associated delayed allergic reaction.

Science has never been my strong subject to say the least but here are some links that my help, or help someone else out there to explain it better:




....and this one is really good:


Here's a really interesting quote from it:

"In an increasing number of researches a connection is found between IgG4 antibodies and sensitivity reactions. Serious allergic diseases such as atopic eczema, bronchitic asthma and even anaphylactic shock have been found in patients with high IgG4 titres, while no IgE antibodies were found (Halpern, 1987)."

On Jun 30, 2003

River, THANK YOU so much for answering my post! I had just about given up hope of ever finding out. I was able to access all of the sites that you gave me except the last one which you said was the best! I will keep trying though. In looking back over his results I am feeling really hopeful about the peanut scores because they were low pretty much across the board. The milk I am thoroughly confused about though! Well, if all else fails I'll have to contact the doctor in a few weeks! Again, thank you so very much for your time you were a huge help. CoCo