O\'Charley\'s Restaurants Warning

Posted on: Sun, 01/01/2006 - 6:47am
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Just a warning for parents regarding O'Charley's restaurant chain which we have here in South Carolina. I took our severe PA 9-year-old son there upon our relocation to SC. I asked about peanut oil for frying and was assured that they didn't use any. My son looked at the limited children's menu and deliberated over the chicken nuggets and the mac and cheese, finally choosing the latter. A few minutes later the waiter came rushing up to the table and said, "It's a good thing he didn't order the chicken nuggets. Our cook just told me he dips the nuggets in crushed peanuts for flavor." Well, it's a good thing for the restaurant we didn't order it either because our son would have died. I have vowed to ask about ingredients REGARDLESS of how absurd the questions sound. It never occured to me to think of a restaurant doing this with all the peanut allergies today. Thank the Lord, our son was protected that night, but it could have been a tragedy. Warning: O'Charleys put nothing on the menu about the peanut ingredients. Always ask!

Posted on: Sun, 01/01/2006 - 7:08am
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We eat at the one in Rock Hill, SC too frequently and always get the chicken for my PA son. I will check with mine.
It sounds to me like that may not be a chain wide procedure. I just sent them an email.

Posted on: Sun, 01/01/2006 - 9:29am
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I would definitely be interested in their reply. We've been to our local O'Charley's in Wilmington, NC and we've asked each time. The only concern they have is that the chicken tenders are fried in the same oil as the pecan encrusted chicken that goes in a salad. But the last time we ate there, my PA son was croupy that night (how his allergic reactions present). It went away the next day and didn't turn into anything worse but I can't help wondering if it wasn't something at O'Charley's.

Posted on: Tue, 01/03/2006 - 4:06am
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I am sorry to hear that because we enjoy going there. I normally order my son spaghetti or hamburger there because his milk allergies prohibit the chicken. I think I have had them grill him some but I dont like the sound of crushed peanuts being loose in the kitchen.
James 4 yrs, NKA
Ben 3 yrs, PA and MA and SA

Posted on: Thu, 01/05/2006 - 6:35am
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Your Kidding!!!
We have eaten there twice and both times I was told there were absolutely no peanut products in the kitchen...the 1st time we went, my normally easy going daughter had a major meltdown over a balloon and the 2nd time she also started crying and broke out in a light rash on the back of the neck...we didn't order the chicken nuggets (thank goodness)...I had decided there had to be something wrong with O Charleys...Who would have thought there'd be crushed peanut on chicken nuggets!
Thanks for sharing that info with us.

Posted on: Mon, 01/09/2006 - 6:40am
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I just had an extensive phone concersation with someone at Ocharley's corporate office and she responded to my email as well. She is calling all south carolina stores. They do have a pcan crusted salad that has chicken rolled in pecans, thus the title.
IMO Ocharleys is still and always was safe. I think that waiter and/or cook thought they were funny.
Hi Debbie!
Thank you for your email.
I have spoken with our research and development team. The statement
made is not correct.
We do not use peanuts in the breading of our chicken tenders.
I apologize for the error in communication.
Becky Fenner
Guest Relations
O'Charley's Inc.
3038 Sidco Dr.
Nashville, TN 37204

Posted on: Tue, 01/10/2006 - 1:35am
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Gosh...this freaked me out because we recently ate there but my son got the mac n' cheese.

Posted on: Tue, 01/10/2006 - 7:43am
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My guess is that the waiter mentioned the oil to the cook.... who said something like "well we do have that pecan encrusted chicken which we fry in the oil, so the chicken isn't safe" and the waiter relayed the message a little twisted.
Tara P

Posted on: Tue, 01/10/2006 - 12:35pm
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That very same thing happened to us. The message came back from the kitchen that they fry the chicken tenders in the same oil that peanut-something is fried in. Turns out it was the pecan-encrusted chicken. My husband had taken our son there for dinner and called me to tell me the first response - I panicked and told them to come home! Then he called me back to explain the misunderstanding. Still leaves you a little skittish.

Posted on: Wed, 01/11/2006 - 2:54am
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Whether corporate admits to doing it or not, putting nuts in chicken breading is getting popular. Maybe it always was and I never knew. I went to the Orlando Science Center and queestioned the cook (he was very well informed). Found out that they use crushed walnuts in the chicken tender breading. So they are also in the fryer.

Posted on: Sun, 01/01/2006 - 7:08am
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We eat at the one in Rock Hill, SC too frequently and always get the chicken for my PA son. I will check with mine.
It sounds to me like that may not be a chain wide procedure. I just sent them an email.


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