Ocean City, NJ


Does anyone know of "safe" restaurants in Ocean City, NJ?

On Aug 14, 2001

well, this might be too late for you now..

i was there in july... there were very few places i could eat. i ended up eating at a couple pizza places (one on the boardwalk) and a couple restaurants off the boardwalk. the italian places were safest, IMHO. nothing fried, of course... all those funnel cakes, french fries, etc, are fried in peanut oil, for the most part. and the ones not fried in peanut oil were fried in soy oil (though they sometimes switch oils, so the vat is never safe).

i skipped the fried foods and lived on pizza.

SuperFresh had some nice breads. on the way to ocean city, my mother-in-law and i stopped at fresh fields and grabbed some food i could eat. what we didn't buy there, i picked up at super fresh. i ate breakfast in our room and fixed lunch most days. the rest of the time--pizza or other italian food.


On May 13, 2003

I'm looking for current "safe" restaurants for us when we visit Ocean City in August.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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