Ocean city, Maryland


We are going to Ocean City, Maryland for a long weekend this coming weekend. It's our first vacation, other than Disney, which is a world of it's own, since the diagnosis.

Does anyone have any knowledge of "safe" restaurants in the area? Thanks, Arlene

On May 16, 2001

Arlene (if you're still out there!!) sorry to take so long with an answer. I don't read this board often but when I saw Ocean City, I just had to respond even though you posted about a month ago. I have spent my life going to Ocean City each summer and now I take my children. I can't give a list of specific "safe" restaurants but I must tell you to be very careful. Peanut oil is BIG on the eastern shore. Most places you go will fry all of there french fries and other things in peanut oil. What started this trend is a very famous french fry stand located on the boardwalk called Thrasher's. They have THE best fries in the world and part of what makes them good is that they are fried in high quality peanut oil. Most of the other restaurants and fast food joints try to copy them. I remember my first trip with my son and we went to a very well-rated restaurant called Nick Idonis. My son ended up with a bowl of apple sauce because everything was fried in peanut oil. The waitress even volunteered that the baked potato had been rolled in peanut oil prior to cooking. What I can say is that the staff everywhere seem very knowledgeable about what they cook with and many have told me that they get LOTS of requests about peanuts/peanut oil. I do know that the Phillip's restaurants are safe, the Dough Roller restaurants are safe, and The Bayside Skillet is another one that uses vegetable oil. Of course, things could change and this is what I found out last summer. We will be there again this year. Hope you enjoy your stay! Christine

On Jul 10, 2001

Even though I'm 14 i know my way around OC better than I know my neighborhood. I've been goin there since the age of 3 and never missed a year. But anyways, enough with my life story, go to Phillip's, Franco's (a secluded place between 17 and 15 street), thats my favorites, BUT STAY AWAY FROM ANTHONYS DELI!! they dont know anything about nut allergy people.

On Jul 11, 2001

Thanks for the help. Philip's was wonderful and the view as well. Hope other PA who go on vacation enjoy themselves there too! Arlene

On Jul 27, 2002

We just returned from Ocean City and I had a good experience regarding the food there. I did run into one problem though. I had emailed several restaurants in advance regarding PA. One that responded was the dough roller. They said they didn't use peanut flour or peanut oil but when we went there they had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on their kids menu!!! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/mad.gif[/img] We ended up staying there because it was late, we were tired, etc. but the food was AWFUL. All 5 of us had different entrees and they were all bad. Should have listened to my heart when I saw the PB&J on the menu and left!


On Jul 28, 2002

Well, I guess we are gluttons for punishment. We are going back to OC for a few days at the end of Aug. Close enough to drive and far enough to keep hubby away from office [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] Wondering if anyone has anymore suggestions. I think our hotel has a fridge and maybe a microwave so we will be safe enough. I can bring a bagful of survival food. We do like to go out for dinner. It is so pretty overlooking the ocean. Arlene

On Jul 29, 2002

We're going back to Ocean City this year too. The only places we have taken our PA child is McDonalds and for snowballs on the boardwalk. There is a restaurant at the Delaware line that was PA safe. Sorry I can't recall it. They did serve seafood, but didn't use peanut oil or peanut flour. If I remember I'll post it. Please post how your week goes. We're going down Aug 10th.