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Oatmeal Allergy?

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My middle child (DS) is the one w/ all the food allergies. My youngest has recently began solids and tolerates rice cereal very well. However, when given Oatmeal a few weeks ago she cried ALOT. I went back to rice cereal and decided to try oatmeal again today. Well, about 2 hours later she threw the oatmeal up EVERYWHERE. Of course, based on my DS's history w/ food allergies I am worried. What type of allergy would this be if she is being affected by oatmeal??? Oatmeal or something more serious like gluten or wheat. Thanks for any advice!! RObin

On Oct 22, 2003

My first thought was gluten , but perhaps it's just an immature digestive system. How old is the baby? Worth mentioning to the doctor at your next visit, and probably advisable to stick to rice for now.

Good luck!


On Oct 22, 2003

Hi I went through this with my baby a few months ago. I don;t have time to write now but will later. We go to an allergy specialist at All Children;s next month and I will see what they say but I took her to our regular allergist when this happened and we have stopped all grains for now.. She was 6 1/2 months old at the time and is now 10 1/2 months. She got really sick within 1 hour and we took her to the ER. She tested not allergic through CAP RAST but it isn;t that telling... I got a lot of info from POFAK groups. Parents Of Food Allergic Children on Yahoo. Feel free to contact me off boards if needed. My other daughter is 2 1/2 PA so I am introducing foods so slowly and follow the recommended guides for possible food allergic children. Did the oatmeal have soy in it??? Just a thought...'

On Oct 22, 2003

It could be an oat allergy...I have a funny story about this. WHen I was younger I had an oat allergy and when I was three I had the chicken pox. The common remedy for chicken pox is an oatmeal bath, except I was allergic to oats/ oatmeal so my mom tried to give me a rice cereal bath. Needless to say, rice cereal baths are not as helpful as oatmeal. I know this story doesn't really help you but I thought I'd share because it was really funny.


On Oct 23, 2003

Jason is allergic to oats. He tested out class 6 on the RAST to them. Thankfully he's not anaphylactic to them... he just gets a majorly runny nose and his eczema flares. We've tried to eliminate it from his diet, but occasionally he sneaks stuff.

------------------ Cheryl, mom to Jason (6 PA/TA/other FAs and EAs),Joey (4 NKA) and Allison (11/02 dairy sensitive)

On Oct 27, 2003

My daughter was allergic to Oats also. She started out the same way - oatmeal as a baby - really fussy, diarreha... We tried again a couple of months later and the same thing happened. She is now 2 and eats oatmeal. It may be that her digestive system was too immature. She was colicly as a baby.

On Oct 27, 2003

Hi: My PA son also reacted to oatmeal about one year ago, after having ate it many times before. It was a new flavour and right away I thought cross contamination. I called Quaker and asked and they checked their allergy list. She came back and told me that Cottenseed is an allergen. Sure enough I had him tested and it was possitive. Cottenseed is in many baked goods including cake mixes and frostings. I was told by our allergest if something like that happens again where I am not sure what could have caused the reaction, just to bring a sample into them and it would be tested for possible allergens.

Good luck.

------------------ ssmd mom of 3