Anyone been there recently and have any restaurant suggestions?

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On Aug 14, 2005

I was just there last week and I go about 4x annually so I have been to a bunch of safe and unsafe places. To name a few safe places; Patsy's pizzeria, Angelo and Maxies (ateakhouse-on park ave S), Dos Caminos (Park Ave S.), Gabriellas (mexican), Haru Sushi, and Matsuri (Japanese). I always ask first, and the above mentioned places have consistantly been accommodating and safe.

Stay away from Pastis, Serafina's, Shillers Liquor Bar, and Balthazar. They all use peanut oil or peanut flour.

Your best bet is to buy a Zagat's restaurant guide at a newstand and make phone calls to places that look interesting before going.

On Aug 16, 2005

We had a successful dinner tonight at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company (my kids are Forrest Gump [b]fanatics[/b]!). There are just 3 or 4 items DS would not have been able to have - two of them desserts, which we would never attempt anyway. They only use Canola for frying, BTW.

When I called ahead the manager was very knowledgable and advised us of the few items that were off limits. She also said to remind the waitperson to be sure extra care was taken with our order.

DS was quite pleased with his dinner, as well as the fact that the waitress couldn't stump him with Forrest Gump trivia. [img][/img]


On Aug 17, 2005

Thanks to both of you! Those are great suggestions. I will check out their websites for their menus.

On Aug 17, 2005

JenEmm, which Patsy's did you go to? I've always wanted to go!

How was the pizza?


On Aug 18, 2005

I went to NYC in June, and ate at an Italian restaurant in the theater district called Carmine's. They assured me no peanuts or peanut oil in any of the entrees, though they had a dessert or two with peanuts (who doesn't?). The waitress seemed knowledgeable, and I was comfortable eating there - a pretty popular, famous place, I guess. Here's the link:


Have a fun, safe trip!

On Aug 18, 2005

Went to the one on the Upper West Side61 W 74th St| Btwn CPW & Columbus . The pizza was good, I would go back there. I also enjoyed the salad and pasta.

I was at Serafina's in NYC a few weeks ago, and after giving them the rundown on my allergy, they told me they use peanut flour in the Pizza Dough so we left the restauarant. This is a new issue for me to worry about when eating pizza. This was a first for me, and something I will always ask about from now on with Pizza. I recall having walked out of Boston Pizza in Vancouver, Canada because they told me they had peanuts in the Pizza sauce...

On Aug 19, 2005

Peanut flour. In pizza. (Insert hand slapping head.) Oy, that is something I would never, ever in a million years have thought of, especially here in NY. I've heard of peanut oil and peanut butter in pizza sauce, but this takes the cake. Now I've heard everything.

Just goes to show you can never let your guard down. [img][/img]


On Aug 20, 2005

That's pretty scary because they give absolutely no warning to that on their website. I feel that when restaurants use peanut ingredients where it usually is not obvious, they should make it clear. Aren't there new laws being passed in some states (New Jersey and Connecticut I think)? Don't know if these have gone into effect.

Thanks for the warning though because we could have easily gone to Serafina's since we will be in the theatre district.

On Aug 22, 2005

CowGirls is in Greenwich Village and they were super to deal with.

On Aug 27, 2005

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I spent quite a bit of time searching through Zagats and to find a place.

I initially nixed the idea of Carmines because I figured that if they use peanuts at all why bother if there are others out there that don't. However, on the menu, it doesn't mention peanuts although it does mention pistachios (in two of their desserts only). The regular menu had no nuts at all (not even a pesto sauce).

My mother had mentioned that she had always wanted to go there and it was two blocks away from the theatre that we be coming from (saw the Lion King and it was awesome!). Anyway, when we got there we double checked with the waiter and he confirmed that no nuts or peanut oil was used in the food from the regular menu. The food was great and the kids really liked it. I think it was fun for them to eat in a place like that.

So no reactions at all. Just happy spaghetti sauce covered faces with smiles underneath!

If you go, definately go with a group since the dishes are huge and it's family style.

Also, very glad we made a reservation because when we were leaving, the wait was 90 minutes long!

On Aug 27, 2005


Glad you had a great trip, and a safe meal at Carmine's. I had a blast there, too, and yes, their portions are huge and meant to be shared! [img][/img]

It could be that my waitress at the time was cautioning on the presence of other nuts in some desserts, and I mis-interpreted that she was indicating peanuts. I didn't mind because I always stay away from desserts anyway; I was just glad to know there were no nuts or nut products in the dinner items.

Knowing now that it is *not* peanuts in the desserts means I will definitely be going back there on my next visit. This is good, because my mouth is watering as I remember the yummy vodka sauce in one of the entrees we had!

Once again, glad you had a safe, fun trip. [img][/img]

On Aug 28, 2005

Just want to mention, Andromeda, I did not see peanuts on the dessert menu but I would not assume that they are peanut free.

My son's tree nut levels were positive but minimal (and he actually did eat some tree nuts without reactions prior to our knowing of his peanut allergy), we think they may be false positives.

So even though we avoid all nuts I must say that I would prefer to see tree nuts on a menu rather than peanuts though I'd rather see no nuts at all.

On Sep 14, 2005

I've eaten at Carmines a million times with no incident. I would go at an off time, though. Wait times are often over 2 hours for dinner or lunch. Or you could go to the uptown one (I think it's on 90th or 91st near Amsterdam).