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Posted on: Wed, 04/28/2004 - 1:10pm
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Hello Everyone,

It has been a long time since you last heard from me, but I have good
news to report. Assemblyman Felix Ortiz and Senator Kemp Hannon
recently introduced the New York Food Allergen and Gluten Labeling and
Consumer Protection Act (Assembly Bill A.09773/Senate Bill S.4767). The
bill would require manufacturers to disclose major food allergens and
sources of gluten in packaged foods and list contact information on the
product packages. The legislation also directs the Commissioner of
Agriculture and Markets to take steps to reduce cross-contamination with
allergens and gluten.

If we want this legislation to pass, we need to put personal stories in
front of key Assemblymembers and Senators. You can help by writing to
your local legislators and members of the Assembly and Senate Consumer
Protection Committees and telling them why this bill is important to
you. A model letter follows. If you need the names and addresses of your legislators and the committee members, you can find them at [url="http://assembly.state.ny.us"]http://assembly.state.ny.us[/url] and [url="http://www.senate.state.ny.us."]http://www.senate.state.ny.us.[/url] Please
note that the preferred format for receipt of constituent mail by most
offices is fax. Snail mail is slowed by security procedures and the
state legislative email system does not easily handle large numbers of

Assemblyman Ortiz is also holding a press conference on Tuesday May 11 at 12:00 noon in Albany to introduce a resolution in support of Food Allergy Awareness Week. We really need supporters to come to this
event. If you can make it, please let Assemblyman Ortiz's office know ASAP. You may also be interested to know that Assemblyman Ortiz is working on two new bills: a restaurant safety bill, similar to the ones introduced in Massachusetts
and Connecticut, and a bill to permit older children to carry Epipens in school. I will let you know when these bills are introduced.

Here is the model letter:



(Your name and address)

Dear Assemblymember/Senator ___________________,

I am writing to ask you to support Assembly Bill A.09773/Senate Bill S.4767, a bill to require disclosure, in legible print, of major food allergens and the sources of gluten in packaged foods. The bill also requires contact information on the product package and directs the Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets to take steps to reduce cross-contamination with allergens and gluten.

(Identify yourself. For example, " My child / I / my family member / my friend has a life-threatening allergy to peanuts.

Peanut Free Store

Posted on: Thu, 04/29/2004 - 10:34am
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Colleen's Mom,
Your e-mail isn't in your profile. Could you please e-mail me so I can make contact off-board re:the legislation?

Posted on: Wed, 05/12/2004 - 5:42am
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Assemblyman Ortiz held a press conference yesterday in which he introduced a resolution to
proclaim May 9 - 15 as Food Allergy Awareness Week in the State of New York. He also spoke
at length about his labeling and Epipen bills and the challenges faced by families dealing with food allergies. He spoke
from experience; his 18 year old son is allergic to peanuts. The press conference was well attended
and covered by at least one of our local television stations during its evening news broadcast.
In case you need them, here are the links to Assemblyman Ortiz' bills:
We are seeking a Senate sponsor for the Epipen bill and I'll let you know when the bill is introduced.
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