NY or CT schools


Need advice - we live in Westchester County in NY (suburb of NYC) and for various reasons are looking to move, either somewhere else in Westchester (or just north of here) or in S. Connecticut (so, somewhere we could possibly still commute by train to NYC). Our friend with a PA child is going through a really hard time with an uncooperative elementary school around here, which has lead us to believe we would like to determine potential towns we can move where we know the schools are cooperative with the PA issues. Does anyone have any suggestions of places? Also, any ideas who we should call (Board of Ed., superintendents, PTA's, school nurses, etc.) to get an idea of a school's attitude before we buy a house somewhere? Thanks!

On Oct 26, 2000

If ever we move, I plan to do the same thing you're doing! But where to start?!?

Two possibilities... 1. Check the Support Groups board for NY and CT. Unfortunately, it seems like this board gets ignored for the most part - still, there may be one or two members who have posted there and can help. 2. Maybe you could call or visit some pediatricians' offices in the areas you're most interested in and see if they can help by hooking you up with any pa patients they have. Similarly, you could probably locate some support groups in the area via the doctor's office (bulletin boards), contact the support groups and go from there.

Good luck - I admire your determination!

On Oct 26, 2000

Check out Ridgefield, CT. When I was at the FAN conference in Stamford, CT a few years ago I remember there were several people from Ridgefield there. I know someone who used to live there and the impression I got from her was that they had had experience in working with children with food allergies. Good luck!

On Oct 28, 2000

Check out the Fairfield, CT area. I know they have a very active support group there. FAN might know about it. If you can't find it email me - I'll try to track it down. Too bad you can't do Long Island - we've had a GREAT experience with our district here.

On Aug 14, 2001

Amy, hi I am completely new to PA and this site. I pour over these boards to absorb as much as I can. From what I have been reading everyone seems wonderful,knowledgable and helpful. We too are from Long Island and are thinking of relocating, we would like to know the school district on long island that you have had such a good experience with. We are currently thinking about stony brook, northport or staying in massapequa. It is funny how our housing requirements have changed in just a couple of months with one little diagnosis for one little boy. Any input about helpful LI school districts would be great, thanks.