Nuts in pumpernickle or rye bread?


Our 5 year old developed hives after eating "marble rye' bread.Anyone know if rye or pumpernickle breads contain nuts or related substances. The package label does not list any nut products.

On Dec 17, 2001

Is your child possibly allergic to sesame? It could be a cross contamination with sesame, a common bakery ingredient. Also some people with sesame allergy crossreact with rye grain, poppy seeds, and kiwi! My son is allergic to peanuts and sesame and I know there are several others on this board allergic to sesame. Sesame allergy can be a very dangerous allergy, like peanuts, so it might be worthwhile to test for it. Good luck!

On Dec 18, 2001

If it was from a smaller bakery there is a good chance that it was cross contaminated with nuts.