Nuts in hospital vending machines


My son had had a really bad reaction to peanuts- just from touch. He always ends up very ill and usually has an ear infection. The antibiotic he was on caused an allergic reaction- not the bad part! While we were in the ER waiting room, a woman started eating peanuts a few rows over. Travis immediately went into shock. I am now going lobby to have ALL nuts taken out of hospital vending machines! Anyone that would like to join me please let me know! I am in Houston, TX

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On Apr 21, 2006

I would be interested in helping out with this. I live in Massachusetts.

On May 27, 2006

Good luck!

Just think, the place you should be the most safe, just isn't. It's a shame. [img][/img]

On May 28, 2006

That's horrible! Maybe they should start making the waiting room seats out of latex and giving out shellfish lollipops too while they're at it! I would be willing to help...what would we do? luvmyboys

On Jun 4, 2006

You should not impose what you want on others. Your kid needs to be treated by a psychiatric physician. Dont try to be hitler by imposing what you want on others. Next thing you will say is that your kid is a vegetarian and therefore everyone should stop eating meet. He should be looked up in confinement if he has allergies because peanut is a natural material

On Jun 5, 2006

You want it? You got it.

First, learn to spell correctly. Then we'll take you seriously. And no Hitler references are needed.

Secondly, yes, peanuts are a natural material. But so is radiation.

Meat residue won't kill anyone. Peanut residue might. If you read our posts, many parents have reported that their children were served peanut butter sandwiches while in the hospital due to anaphylaxis to peanuts.

We're just trying to keep our kids safe. We want them to continue to live. If that inconveniences you, we're sorry.

On Jun 5, 2006

Kathy, Thank you! My family wanted to know why my eyes were bugging out when I read that post. Clearly just someone with nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon than look for discussion boards to register on and make inflammatory comments. LOL! luvmyboys

On Jun 5, 2006


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On Jun 5, 2006

Ok- Why are you on the website if you are totally against what this website is for? I would like to ask you politely to leave the board if you do not have anything helpful to say.

As far as our topic goes. Thank you for all of the feedback. I am volunteering on a food allergy walk a thon committee. Once we get past July I will really be able to sit down and work out a plan. Are any of you in Texas? I'm not sure how to hit this at a national level, but I'm positive with God we can do it! Let me know if yall have any ideas.

Thanks for all of your POSITIVE comments. I look forward to saving our kids with yall!

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On Jul 2, 2006

Well maybe the best way is not to hit it nationally since hospitals are independently owned and operated and laws take years but just to write letters to the hospitals in each of our respective areas. I just wrote a letter to a small business and had outstanding results. (see my post under take action entitled letter to local business). We can do A LOT of good just by educating others. Maybe we are too quick to judge when we assume others are putting our children in harm's way because they don't care or are insensitive. Many times they just don't have the info. Let's put a campaign together, write a 'common letter' with info regarding your son's reaction and each send it to a few local hospitals in our areas. When we're ready we can post on the main discussion board asking other's to do the same. Can you take a stab at the letter with info about your son? It will give it a much more real, personal touch.


On Jul 2, 2006

Trav's Mom, I also live in the Houston area and use the same hospitals--so could help out for this area. Email me offline.

On Jul 8, 2006

I had the same eye bugging reaction! Those are the attitudes that I am most fearful of, I can't understand why they don't understand that these allergies are LIFE-THREATENING! I am a summer camp counselor and I have several campers with severe peanut allergies (including my own brother), and when we tell parents that we are a peanut free camp they become livid! I have heard every excuse in the book; it is the only thing their child will eat, they can only afford to buy peanut butter etc. It blows my mind sometimes. What I would like to do is find an information brochure for parents, explaining how severe allergic reactions can be. I would also like to find out how to stop venders from putting peanut products in machines at schools, parks and rec. departments. Any advice is greatly appreciated! I live in MA! Thank You!

On Jul 8, 2006

There are brochures and educational information for schools and camps available at the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) go to [url=""][/url]


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On Sep 14, 2006

i wish i could join you just to far away peanuts are in vending machines every where, just what we need good luck

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On Sep 15, 2006


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