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What can you tell me about the peanut oil in Nutella? Hello people - thank you for having this board, I have lurked for a few years and have found it very informative. My question: I found this information on a website re Nutella (the hazelnut spread which contains peanut oil):

"The peanut oil that Nutella contains goes through a hot-solvent extraction process which takes out all the proteins, so you are left with pure peanut oil which is generally non-allergenic. Only oil prepared by the hot solvent extraction process that is commonly used in the United States is known to be free of protein. But, of course, please consult your doctor about any health concerns you may have."

Can someone address the veracity of this statement? Not that I would ever chance feeding my PA child the stuff, but I notice that Nutella is very popular and is a fixture in our friend's kitchen cabinets. I would like to be armed with correct information before addressing the Nutella/peanut oil subject with them.

Thank you!

On Oct 12, 2005

Refined Peanut oil is supposed to not have any peanut protein left in it. Personally I don't trust it, but I know there are those on this board that do eat french fries fried in refined peanut oil, and have no problems with it.

Our allergist even said that "in theory" it (refined peanut oil) should be OK - but with our numbers being as high as they are - she didn't think we should run out and add it to our regular diet anytime soon.

------------------ Sherlyn Mom to 5 year old twins Ben & Mike - one PA & the other not. Stay Informed And Peanut Free!

On Oct 12, 2005

My PA daughter has accidently (at a mexican restaurant) eaten items cooked with refined peanut oil on several occasions--before we found out that they were cooking with peanut oil. She never reacted to it.

The problem is that ingredient statements do not distinguish between refined and crude oils. Also, in restaurants, cooking oils may be reused so there is the possibility that the oil may be cross-contaminated.


------------------ Mom to 6 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 2 1/2 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

On Oct 12, 2005

My daughter is allergic to peanuts AND tree nuts. We went to a party at an aunt's house. They had Nutella there. Even though I tried to keep dd outside and away from the stuff, she had a contact reaction (hives). We didn't see it smeared anywhere, but of course, you don't have to see it for her to have a reaction. I don't know if people who have PA but no tree nut allergy would still react or not.

On Oct 12, 2005

DS is PA only. I used to love Nutella, but didn't buy it anymore because of the peanut oil. Yes, in theory there is no peanut protien, but I have never seen any concrete evidence that real life is the same as theory in this case. I found another brand that looks and tastes just like Nutella, but the ingredients list sunflower oil instead of peanut oil. It's also organic. I contacted the manufacturer and was satisfied with their response. The product is Nocciolata and the e-mail is [email][/email].

On Oct 12, 2005

never mind about the peanut oil thingy, what about the nuts being cross contaminated with peanut?

A high risk product IMO .


On Oct 12, 2005

My DS ate (and loved) Nutella prior to PA diagnosis.

When we wondered why DS could eat this with his allergy, our allergist said "I'm not surprised he could eat it - most people won't react to peanut oil - but there's always the chance that some peanut protien could be present in the oil."

We now avoid it (and all products with peanut oil).

On Oct 12, 2005

Hi guys,

For you that can get Pres.Choice products from a store, they sell a Dark Chocolate Spread, ingred. sugar, canola oil. low fat cocoa, palm oil, lactose, skim milk powder, soy lecithin, natural bourbon and vanilla extract, salt "May contain hazelnuts"

Anyway, my son isn't allergic to tree-nuts and eats this for when he stays for lunch at school since you don't have to worry about anything spoiling.

On Oct 12, 2005

We lived in Germany for three years and ate Nutella all the time! The German product lists the oil as "plant oil", which, apparently, can be anything from peanut to corn to sunflower - as long as it's plant instead of animal based. Anyway, he at the stuff at least once a week and never had a problem. I have avoided the American version because it specifically says "peanut", not knowing whether it was hot or cold processed oil. If hot processed, I may go ahead and use it.