Nut Vending Machine at the Mall

Posted on: Tue, 04/25/2000 - 4:24am
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I just came back from the Burlington Mall (Burlington, Massachusetts) where they have, on the second floor, a vending machine that dispenses nuts - there are nuts all over the floor! The machine is part of a bull market called "Snack o Rama".

Posted on: Tue, 04/25/2000 - 5:06am
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pI have seen many of these nut machines in our area. I avoid loose gum/snack machines because I wonder if they may have held nuts previously./p

Posted on: Wed, 04/26/2000 - 1:35am
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pHi in canada there are lots of these machines to but many do not carrey any nuts where there could be children.I still see them in automotive stores once in a while though.Many don't anymore in fear of children playing with the machines and having a law suit.As we all know kids are attracted to these things like /
I was in a local wallmart{langley.b.c}kast month when my daughter started to play with a candy machine,I quickly grabbed her because I noticed mms in them.I was so mad that I quickly called it to the attention of the manager.He said they would have it removed right away!!br /
So I was told,I will look next time I'm in the store,they are pretty good at wallmart so I would imagine they will remove it.To many kids in a store like that to carrey peanuts in them,right along beside the toy stuff.You know kids are going to touch /
So many kids are having peanut allergys more and more that they are being more careful here with those machines.......Stay safe/p

Posted on: Wed, 04/26/2000 - 5:27am
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pI didn't even know those 'gumball' type dispensers held peanuts until about a year and a half ago we were at the tire store waiting for my car and I turned around and saw my 3 yo pa son open the little door and it not only was one that dispensed peanuts, but there were half a dozen stuck in the part where they come out. I grabbed him away quick. I should have complained to the manager but just have never felt the right for some reason. I guess public, adult places are a sticky area for me. It just makes me watch him that much more closely./p

Posted on: Wed, 04/26/2000 - 6:32am
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pThis may seem off the subject /
I'm from Odessa, Texas and I've seen the nut machines ALL over the place. It seems to me from all the websites and information on the internet, some regions are more progressive then others. I have found the prevailing attitude to my daughter's PA is very unsympathetic. Daycare only recently (since she had a reaction from their neglegence) took peanut butter from their menu. The manager at Wal-Mart would have told me to deal with the MMs -- I feel sure about /
The only person outside of my family who seem to know of the dangers of PA is my daughter's ped. Has anyone else noticed attitudes like this? Does Canada seem more progressive then your area or is it that they have more information available on the web?/p

Posted on: Wed, 04/26/2000 - 3:56pm
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pYou know I don't care what they would have said I was so furious with them having that in their machines alot of stores dont carrey them anymore and I havent seen them anymore.thats why I was really agressive with the manager and told him that my child could have died because of neglegence.He was quit understanding and took care of the matter right away.Here in canada there are many schools and daycares that don't allow any peanuts in them if there is a pa child attending{the ones that I know of anyway}As for people understanding this pa ,I basicly never trust anyone but myself.You tell them about it and some know the servarity of it but some don't.Her great grandma is still giving her chocolates with peanuts and just give them right back.Mabye because it is so new and just really becoming so common now????I don't know ..good luck and take care.../p

Posted on: Mon, 05/01/2000 - 11:18pm
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pThe following is an e-mail I got from the Burlington Mall in response to my concerns about the nut vending machine:/p
pDear Heather:/p
p Thank you for taking the time to advise us of your concerns regarding thebr /
Snack-O-Rama vending cart, here at the Burlington /
Mall management is sensitive to your feelings. Your suggestions andbr /
comments are very important to us. Excellent customer service is a top prioritybr /
at Burlington Mall, as well as the continuing satisfaction of all of itsbr /
patrons. We are committed and proud to say, "Simon, Simply the best shoppingbr /
there is."br /
In keeping with that agenda, I have advised our housekeeping staff to bebr /
more vigilant in cleaning the area and will discuss the vending selection withbr /
our Temporary Leasing /
Thank you for your time in bringing this to my attention./p
p Sincerely,/p
p Mall Manager/p

Posted on: Tue, 05/02/2000 - 7:44am
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pwell obviously they still don't give a ka ka.....I guess some people just don't understand the actual seriousness of the matter.Don't they know children play with these machines.Mabye you should let them know that there have been law suits over children playing with the machines and having a major pa attack because of a stores neglagence{thats what I was told from a store in Canada,thats why they dont'have them anymore}.They should take that into consideration when filling kids candies into the machines and also with peanuts.Thank them for their disreguard for other childerns well /
there hows that!!!!!br /
they try and make it sound like they actually give a hoot,but they need to do more then /
I would write them again telling them that is isn't enough just to clean the area around the machines they still stick their fingers in there to try and get things out and what /
Good luck with that and at least you made an effort to help out.What more can you do?/p

Posted on: Mon, 07/31/2000 - 12:23am
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pI was in the Burlington Mall last week and not only did they move the Snack-O-Rama vending machines to a remote corner of the food court (it was in the main area of the mall) but also, I didn't see any nuts./p
p[This message has been edited by Heather (edited July 31, 2000).]/p

Posted on: Mon, 07/31/2000 - 5:31am
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pI was at the Burlington Mall yesterday and I didn't see these machines. Where exactly are they? (So I can avoid them myself)/p

Posted on: Mon, 07/31/2000 - 5:35am
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pRight outside Things Remembered./p

Posted on: Tue, 02/11/2003 - 3:59am
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pReraising for those that are new here. We have a gumball and mm vending machine here in my office. Last week it was full of peanuts, today it has gumballs. Lesson - never use those machines because it could have had nuts in it./p

Posted on: Tue, 02/11/2003 - 5:49am
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pwe have nut vending machines here; also those that contain boston baked beans (aren't those peanuts?), and peanut mm's. our mall has a little shop out in the center called "the nutty bavarian." though it smells wonderful....the odor is so strong that i do not take my girls into the mall anymore. unfortunately, that same shop is at every fair and major event we have here also. they sell warm nuts of every kind. joey/p

Posted on: Tue, 02/11/2003 - 8:35am
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pI worked in the shopping center management business for 10 years./p
pThe only way to get their attention is to either send them your doctor bills if someone has a reaction or sue them if someone has a reaction. Another idea is to write their corporate office...send a letter to their legal dept. and complain loudly./p
pThey are not proactive..most malls have a reactive management style./p
pSo if you have a reaction...send some reaction their way. That will end up in their legal dept. which will light a fire./p
pAnother reaction would be to file a complaint with your state Civil Rights Commission or department...i.e. they are denying your access to enjoy the facility. Make them pay attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/p
pIf anyone needs to find out who owns a the Mall Office and ask who owns the Mall....sometimes it can be an insurance company or it may be a shopping center developer. Most developers have /
If any of the Malls you are having problems with are owned by General Growth or the Rouse Company...I still have contacts in these companies..../p

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