Nut Oil in Glitter Lotion - Peanut Allergy Information

Nut Oil in Glitter Lotion

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We discovered, accidently, there is nut oil in a glitter lotion purchased at Bath and Body Works. The nut oil is the second to last line on a bottle, which is extremely difficult to read. PLEASE BE AWARE.

On Jan 25, 2001

wow, thanks for the post. two nights ago, i noticed my son had hives on his legs, i gave him benedryl, and it was clear in the morning. i was curious, but not overly concerned because it cleared up. when i saw your post i remembered my son playing with his sisters glitter lotion, i just read the label, and sure enough, sweet almond oil. guess that is going in the trash.

On Jan 25, 2001

Which glitter lotion? My daughter has the glitter anti-bacterial hand cleanser and has never had a problem. I can't find it at the moment but know I have checked the label several times.


On Jan 26, 2001


the glitter lotion we had was called art stuff, and it was actually a lotion, not a had cleaner.

On Jan 27, 2001

Thanks, Shannon! I think we are going to start staying away from all of their products anyway.