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Nut grinders in grocery stores

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Three of the same chain grocery stores in our small town recently installed peanut and tree nut butter grinders in the health food section of the grocery store. This is the same section of the store where they stock nut-free products. In one store, the machine is located on the end-cap of that particular aisle. To make matters worse, our soon-to-be-open food co-op will also be installing nut grinders. To my knowledge, these machines are capable of creating nut 'dust' that can settle on products, floors, carts, etc. I am trying to make these businesses aware of the potential danger they have created for those living with allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. I cannot find a lot of information about this topic and was wondering if any of the members on this site have any advice for me or articles to reference when I approach the store managers again to discuss this issue. We are currently avoiding shopping at these stores, but there are not too many other options in our town. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

By jap on Jan 19, 2014

how about informing the store of the legal issues, they have created a situation where products not showing peanut on the ingredient will be contaminated, ie products sold in a factory that process peanut will apply to the entire store.

Nice small town ? rodeos, pancake sundays and church suppers ??? You must know all the community ? get them together to support you and demonstrate outside the store or boycott it.

Not sure your work situation, form a co-op open your own store, organic + local farmers and put the chain out of business.

Good luck

By tweeter1126 on Nov 17, 2014

I would see if you can find a legal expert on the state level and have them identify the law suit potential for the retailer. That could solve that issue pretty quick.