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I have recently discovered cookies that are made in a Nut Free/Peanut Free facility. The cookies are made by Dare. They have a couple of flavors that are sold at our local supermarket in Connecticut. Lemon, Chocolate Fudge and Maple. The cookies are made in Canada and in a plant in Georgia. They have information on their website about their products, their phone number is 1-800-668-3273. My son absolutely loves them. On a recent trip to Canada I discovered that they have many varieties. I am planning on asking our supermarket to order some.

On Aug 4, 2005

yes.. DARE cookies are very popular here in Canada.. they make many delicoious varieties [img][/img]

website: [url=""][/url]

[i]Dare is responding to increasing customer concerns about foods that can cause severe adverse allergic reactions by providing a range of products manufactured in their nut free/peanut free facilities. This range includes the full line of Breton crackers, among others. These products are easily identified with the statement "manufactured in a nut free/peanut free facility" on the side panel of the package, just below the ingredients. [/i] [img][/img]

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