Posted on: Fri, 01/26/2001 - 10:23am
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pWhen asking Kelloggs wether any cereals they make are PEANUT/NUT FREE I was surprised to find out... they have TWO FACILITIES that are PEANUT/NUT FREE!!! Yeah!!! They told me that you can tell if one of their cereals is made in one of those two facilities by looking at the SECOND ROW of numbers on the boxtop/labeled area... IF the FIRST TWO letters on the bottow start with KB or KL then it is from one of those facilities. /p
pThey did also say that I should check back every couple of months to make sure that info hasnt changed but they did not see a forseeable reason to do so... so those TWO FACILITIES are PEANUT?NUT FREE!!! Hooray!!!/p

Posted on: Sun, 01/28/2001 - 11:49pm
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Not to rain on your parade but check with Kellogs which cereals are made in those facilities. When I checked there were very few varities made there.

Posted on: Wed, 05/23/2001 - 5:53am
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I was surprised about Kellogg's products. I have been using them for my PA daughter because they label allergens so well. In bold, beneath the ingredients. Am I missing something?


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