Nut Free Food Lists


Hi, I am a new contributor, so please forgive me if i am repeating stuff that is common knowlege! Here in uk, most supermarkets provide lists of their own brand peanut/nut free foods. Sainsbury, Asda, Iceland, are very good.I mention this as some sufferers don't seem to be aware of this potential resource.I wonder if there are any nut free lists in the usa? (visiting L.A. next week!) keep calm, Ed.

On Feb 4, 2004

Aidansdad, welcome! [img][/img]

I've posted a Safe Snack and Lunch List under both the Schools and Snacks, Recipes headings, but it is Canadian specific.

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On Feb 4, 2004

Alternative to Mainstream

could you or someone re raise your safe snack list & lunch lists. I am unable to find them (I get locked up every time I try to do a search, slow connection)


On Feb 4, 2004

i do think that the lists are good if you are new to allergy. But when you go to the shops you still have to read the label as the product may have changed !! Its safer to just read labels as you go around the aisles. What sounds like a good idea , is not that good in practice, my children use them as colouring books! sarah

On Feb 4, 2004

Aidans Dad:

Do you want to know restaurants in the USA that are safe or brands of safe food for when you visit? I guess I am asking if you are just going to be eating out or if you will be preparing food.

Jaime [img][/img]

On Feb 5, 2004

Many thanks for your replies. We are prepared to eat out, and also our accommodation has a kitchenett so plan to cook for ourselves if we can't find safe places to eat out. With regard to the lists themselves, I feel much reassured that a food seller is activly declaring his product to be "nut free", It seems much more positive than relying on ingredients only- I am unconvinced that producers will always consider the cross contamination issue when compiling ingredients lists. Eat well! Ed.

On Feb 5, 2004

Many thanks for your replies..I seem to be having a battle with this computer today..Firstly any info on "safe" restaurants or fast food outlets in America/ Los Angeles would be appreciated, but we do imagine that we will cook also, as we have a kitchen at our holiday accommodation. Secondly, the nut free lists give me more confidence, declaring a food nut free is a more positive statement, than relying on manufacturers to be aware of cross contamination issues when listing all ingredients. "Eat Well" ! Ed.