Nut free bread!! Very good.


My wife has found a product that has made life a little easier for us. It is a pre-made bread dough, sold in the frozen foods section of our grocery store chain (Hiller's in southeast michigan). The name of the company is Rhode's Bake & Serve. The company is located in Utah, and "we" (meaining my amazing wife who does all of this) have called them. The dough(s) are made in a facility that uses no nut products, including no sesame, which works well for us, as we suspect our nut allergic son is also sesame allergic.

They only sell dough, and its a bonus that the bread you can bake with this stuff is extremely good!! The phone number of the maker is 800-876-7333.

I'd love to see them get a big nut-allergy following so they stay nut free. This stuff is really tasty!

On Aug 3, 2004

[b]Please[/b] patronize this company of you can find them!! We would be crushed if they decided being nut free was not good for business.

On Aug 3, 2004

I think I've seen posts about Rhodes in the manufacturer's section-we use them sometimes and they are very good. The cinnamon rolls are really yummy.

------------------ ============== [b]~Gale~[/b]

On Aug 3, 2004

We've used their Cinnamon rolls, too. They are outrageously delicious. Probably a day's worth of calories each, but well worth it!