Nut-Free Bakery in Michigan


There is a kosher bakery in Southfield, Michigan which has been peanut/nut-free for over a year. They provide baked goods to several schools in the area and decided to go nut-free because of this need. Here is the website:


On Nov 29, 2006

Thank you so much for this information. It is a bit of a trip from my White Lake home, but will be worth it! I sent them an email and received a reply that they are opening a second location in mid-January at Maple & Orchard Lake. Again, thank you so much for posting this. I am so very excited about being able to go to a bakery and safely eat!

On Nov 29, 2006

We are in the Chicago area now, so I wish they'd open one here, too!! My family is still in the Detroit suburbs, so it is wonderful to have this as a resource when we visit. So far, what we've tried ahs been very good. We may actually be ordering some of their products for our school here in Illinois, since there are no local nut-free bakeries.