Nut flavoring in beverages?


Other than milkshakes, what drinks could contain nut flavoring? I never gave it a thought until now. (USA)

On Nov 1, 2002

Flavored coffees and teas. There was some question as to sodas on here at one point (diet pepsi I believe) but that turned out to be false.


On Nov 1, 2002

Oh yeah! Thanks. I saw a reference to nut flavorings in some beverages and I couldn't for the life of me think what kind of dinks they'd put them in. [img][/img]

On Nov 11, 2002

Watch out for some of the Chais (almond extract) and soy drinks. Also Amazake, the fermented rice drink.

Lori, drinker of weird beverages.

On Nov 11, 2002

Don't forget alcoholic drinks sometimes have nuts (e.g., gin sometimes has almonds).

On Nov 12, 2002

Yes.. and some yummy beers have nut flavors, too, on the alcoholic side. Such as "Nut Brown" beers and a few others.

On Nov 12, 2002

I remember reading that root beer uses caramel coloring that can be derived (in part) from peanut shells. I have never verified this with any company... I'm guessing that it would be listed on the ingredient label as caramel coloring. Has anyone looked into this?


On Nov 15, 2002


Originally posted by MeCash: [b]Yes.. and some yummy beers have nut flavors, too, on the alcoholic side. Such as "Nut Brown" beers and a few others.


Actually, the nut brown refers to the enhanced flavor from the roasted malt, not additional nut ingredients. [img][/img]

Kind of like how Keebler puts "buttery" on Club cracker package, althought there is no dairy/butter in Club crackers. [img][/img]

On Nov 3, 2005

Yeah, I checked on Red Hook Brewery's Nut Brown Ale. They said it does not contain any nut ingredients.

What about those syrups they use to flavor Italian sodas? Also, there is almond "milk" and there is actually a company that makes peanut "milk". There is also that Butterfinger flavored cocoa, although I think I read that the flavoring is artificial. I also heard of one person having a reaction to "homemade" soymilk in a vietnamese restaurant which contained ground peanuts.


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On Nov 3, 2005

yes - the flavoring in the Butterfinger cocoa (Nestle) is totally artificial and is pn/tn free, same with the Smore hot cocoa by Nestle. I got this info on the phone last week.


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On Nov 3, 2005

Aha! I must have read your post! [img][/img] LOL


On Nov 4, 2005

I bought some Texas Pecan coffee once that had ground pecans in with the ground coffee. That was quite a surprise, though I had bought it the week before dd had her first reaction.

On Nov 5, 2005

I know my TNA/PA daughter has reacted immediately to colas (severe asthma, coughing) but does not react to other sodas. The cola nut maybe? It really threw us for a loop -- we never thought about beverages being allergenic, before.


On Nov 5, 2005

Kay B - a lot of people are allergic to caffiene, perhaps that's what your child is reacting to. A lot of clear sodas and juices don't have caffiene so that may be why she only reacts to colas.

On Nov 5, 2005

Kay...did you daughter react at home or in a restaurant to colas. If you watch people at self-serve drink stations, they put the mouth of their cup right up where the pop comes out...can be a good chance for cross contamination if they have been eating peanuts.

I had a reaction once from a water drinking fountain. As soon as the water touched my lip burned and swelled was in a high school before school so I would bet someone probably spit in the fountain after having a peanut product for breakfast.

On Nov 28, 2005

Just bought a bottle of Whole Orange Squash Drink (the type you dilute with water) and just by chance cheked the ingredients as it was a brand I hadnt used before. There was a 'cannot guarantee nut free' warning on the label. I phoned the manufacturers who said the oranges were probably processed in a plant handling nuts.

With Christmas around the corner is it safer for dd to drink fizzy drinks (Cola etc) when eating out, how do we check soft drinks at restaurants? Help please?

Thanks, Jayne.